Cullens Play Truth Or Dare

In this story Alice and Emmett convince Edward and Bella to play truth or dare with the hole family. Renesmee is at Charlie's for the week and Jacob didn't imprint on Renesmee.


8. Burn the clothes or go naked?

Alice's P.O.V

I can't believe dad would do this to me I mean I would rather burn all my fashion magazines than burn my clothes! Ahhh only if I could just look into the future!! Seriously I don't know do I Burn the clothes or go naked? "Alice we need an answer now," Emmett yelled. "If you just waited you would have known the answer by now! " I sighed and answered, "I'll burn the clothes!" " To the backyard" Emmett screamed, I swear he is actually 4 years old. Once we arrived in the backyard I started to think that this was a bad idea! I turned to Jasper "I can't do this Jas I can't burn all my clothes I'll have nothing to wear and..." I started to panic "Alice it's ok we will go and buy you some more tomorrow and until than you can borrow some of my clothes ok?" "Ok thank you Jasper." I said as I hugged him, than as I turned around I saw that Edward and Emmett had already had most of my clothes in their arms, and put them in a pile on the ground. I then saw Rosalie and Bella come out with the rest off my clothes. "Here Alice," dad said while handing me a lighter with a sympathetic smile on his face. Why is he is smiling at me like that he's the one that is making me do this!!! The clothes started to crackle and burn into nothing. "Now all we need is smores!" Emmett said laughing until Rosalie hit him over the back of the head, "Emmett this is not a laughing matter!"


I am back!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay I hoped you enjoyed this chapter remember comment any truths or dares you want for them to do!

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