The Ugly Halfling

Hi ugly halfing here.

Just imagine me saying that in a happy cheerful voice because I'm not bothered to use one. Go use your damn imagination, jeez. I mean, who would be merrily call themself ugly?

As you can see, I'm the only half human and werewolf in the whole werewolf realm. The only living one at the moment. Halfings are weak so they either die in the womb or die of extremely high fever. As for me, I happily announce that I have survived for seventeen years with not much trouble.

I was nothing but weird and different. Sure people don't insult me right in the face because I'm the Alpha's daughter but I was isolated... but still surrounded by people. You know what I mean?

Well, I got a whole lot stranger and weirder when I felt like I was being toasted, barbecued alive from the inside.

Guess what? The pathetically ugly halfling has superpowers!

I should freaking join the Avengers. Screw my muffin top, I'm wearing that tight wet suit and nothing's gonna stop me.


2. II. Warm Dead People

My dick's as big as the Effiel tower


George's a slut


Mrs. Kendall's hot. Bang that bitch!


I rolled my eyes at the shit werekids wrote on the brown desk that I was using at the moment. That one kid couldn't even spell Eyefell Tower right. Ugh, they're so stupid. Oh, who was I kidding? I was no better than them. Even though they're air heads at least they're gorgeous. I'm not only ugly, but pretty stupid too. To be honest, I don't really know how to spell Eyefell Tower. 


And don't even hope that I have a good personality or any talent for that matter because I don't. I'm a fucking loser. I'm very selfish, uncaring and rude. I couldn't even stand up for myself! I would just cry and tell my daddy about my abusers. And oh, how could I forget? I was also a spoiled brat. I get whatever I want, wherever I want. I'm not even going to deny it. Being the only child has its perks. Your parents' only sole purpose was to make you happy in every way they can, give everything that your heart desires.


Maybe that's the reason why werepeople my age don't associate themselves with me. I mean, I have acquaintances who would nod to me in acknowledgement every now and then wherever I go.


You could say I'm pretty famous.


Yeah, famous for being ugly.


There were only few of us in the room but they were mostly sleeping or reading their books. I was sitting at the back, away from them because they either talk too much or they annoy me without doing anything. So I chose to sit here at the back where I could hide and not be seen by the teacher as I ogle at his utter sexiness.


The first bell rang loudly and students piled in, occupying the chairs in front of me. The big bad boys sat on the back with me but neither any of us glanced or acknowledged each other's presence. We're badass that way. We act all cool and shit.


Mister Bane came in, looking young and handsome as always. He was from France who decided to live here and join our pack. And the first thing I noticed about him was that nice round ass of his. Hey, don't freaking judge. I know ya'll check a guy's ass too. And damn, I wanted him to bon bon omelette du fromage me against the wall baby. One could only dream.


He greeted the class a good morning with  a charming smile. The whole class smiled and greeted him back. Except for me 'cause I'm a rebel. I must resist his panty-dropping smile and ovary-exploding dark eyes. MUST RESIST!


He stood in front of his desk and sat on it "Today, we're learning about William Flunt. Do any of you know who William Flunt is?"


A wereboy raised his hand and Mister I-have-a-nice-booty Bane gestured for him to speak. "Isn't it the first half human, half werewolf that lived?" I felt some werepeople turn to look at me as Mister Bane nodded.


"Yes, that's right. He was born in Alaska in 1956. It was believed that he died of high fever at the age of ten when they moved down to US for a vacation." Everybody knew the story of the infamous first halfling. The boy was born healthy with no sign of weakness or sickness but once they touched foot here on US, his temperature flared up. After a week, he died.


"Since his parents well... Attempted suicide," For a second, there was a sullen look on Mister Bane's face his eyes quickly met mine and suddenly, the image of my parents doing something like that made my breath hitch. I quickly shook my head to rid of the image. "Werewolf scientists studied the body of William and found out that his body was incredibly warm. His skin is still cold yet his insides were hot... As if heat was trapped inside."


Well, at least he died hot.


"They also looked at the bodied at the bodies of the deceased halflings and found that even though the insides of their body was cold, their heart was still warm. The reason to this is still unknown."


Hm, come to think of it, I feel hot most of the time. Never in my life had I mixed hot water with cold water in the shower. I hate feeling hot because I sweat like a damn prostitute in a church. During winter (my favourite season), my parents would sneak into my room and sleep with me. They said that I warm them better than the money-eating centralize heater.


As far as the werewolf community knew, I was the second halfling that was able to live longer than a week in the werewolf realm. Currently, I was the only living one.


You see, when a human and a werewolf mate, there are many complications. First, the ovary of the human or werewolf female might reject her mate's sperm. Once that happens, there would be a zero chance of them ever having a child again. As if there was an invincible shield that blocks away the sperm from the ovary. You could say the male was cockblocked. I let out a quiet laugh and high fived myself, earning some weirder out glances from my classmates.


If a female human's ovary accepts the werewolf sperm, there was a large chance of miscarriage, the female human dies or both mother and child dies. For a female werewolf, the child might form but dies after a few weeks. Sadly, a male human's sperm isn't strong enough to completely form a child.


A human and a werewolf genes is very different. It was like having sex with an alien. The chance was very, very slim. Werewolves and humans were just really different beings.


If the child in the female human's womb survived for nine months, the mother might die from delivery or the child dies after a few weeks because it was weak. Or in normal circumstances, both dies.


If the child survives the delivery after a few weeks, it might be too weak and often sickly with high fever. The child might also have permanent deformities (thus my ugly face) or an incurable disease.


Daddy didn't want a child, he wanted too but he didn't want to undergo the pain, to risk the life of Mommy and their potential child.


Mommy, was another story.


She have always wanted a big family. She knew how miserable it was to be the only child and how lonely she was during her childhood because of her parents' absence and the lack of family love and contact. When she found out that Daddy didn't want to have children (after explaining the complications), she got mad.


They started arguing, yelling and fighting making Mommy blurt out ''IF YOU CAN'T IMPREGNANT ME, I WILL GO TO THE FUCKING STRIP CLUB AND HAVE SOMEONE BRAVE ENOUGH AND HAVE MY OWN TEN-MOTHEREFFING-CHILDREN, YOU FUCKING PUSILLANIMOUS DOG SHIT!'' Those were the exact words that Mommy said and when she told me that, I was crying and heaving from laughing so much.


Daddy, had a different reaction though. You could say that he proved to her that he wasn't, and far from being a pusillanimous dog shit and boy did he proved her wrong - was my mother's words. A child formed in her womb but died shortly after five weeks.


My parents were truly devastated for the lost of their child that they locked themselves in their room drinking alcohol. We all know what happens to an intoxicated mind, right? Well let's just say they performed a miracle and made me.


That time, they were really, extremely careful. Not wanting to take risks and lose a child again, Mommy barely left the bed and was treated like a pampered princess by my overreacting, overprotective father. They did everything they could to keep my mother and I safe and healthy. They even had a large portion in the library of pregnancy books.


Nine months was up and Mommy woke my daddy in the middle of the night by kicking his balls when she felt her water broke. In the delivery room, the best doctors and obstetric nurses were put under great pressure to deliver me without killing me or Mommy in the process.


After being threatened by Daddy, I came out healthy and ugly. Because the doctors and nurses were so happy about their success, they almost dropped me.

They were punished by my raging father after I was safely sleeping on top of my mother's chest.


I was special... In a way. But all my life, I left like I had this strange disease that only one in a million could have. I felt like an outcast and strange because werepeople would look and stare at me like I was some kind of an alien. Though my parents tried their best to associate me with the werepeople, I just didn't fit in. I couldn't fit in.


People like me were supposed to be locked inside an isolated tower where no one knew an ugly potato exists.


I'm swimming in my own pool of self pity.




The class went on and Mister Bane said that we knew so little about halflings. He even joked that I should be put in a lab so I could get examined. His joke was met by my stoic face as the class laughed awkwardly. Yeah, you should be. Or I'll tell your asses to my daddy.


Mister Bane awkwardly started lecturing again about William Fart, he even showed us pictures of him while he was still alive. I groaned internally and rolled my eyes. Seeing William's pictures gave me more reasons why I freaking hate being a halfling. He's hopelessly hideous too.


After that, the bell rang.

The day pretty much flew by and I was happy that it was finally over.


I walked out of the school and into the school's entrance, stepping down the stairs when I saw a familiar dark blue car in front of the steps. Look, I don't really care what car it was. As long as it runs, it's fine with me.


I opened the front passenger door and was greeted by a smirking Velt, Daddy's beta. I ignored him as I sat my fat ass on the seat and closed the door. As I was about to put my seatbelt on, Velt pinched my nose and started shaking it in a ''Friendly manner''.


"Hello Sugar Plum!'' I slapped his hand away and scowled as I clipped my seatbelt on. He laughed at my reaction and drove off.


Velt, a forty year old man, aged like Daddy. They both looked like a college senior students. Fair? I think not. He has long gold mane that reached the base of his neck and startlingly blue eyes that was covered by his dark lensed aviator glasses.


He was telling me something about a dear that jumped on someone when I felt it again. That burning sensation in my chest. But this time, it was much worse. My breathing started ruggedly. My vision darkening every few seconds. Velt's voice was muffled by my quickening heartbeat.


"V-Velt...'' I stuttered.


"Velt..'' I whispered. My hand clutched my chest as the heat started spreading.


After that, I felt my soul fall in a pit of darkness.




Just to let you little muffins know that this story has a LOT of swear words 


and tons and TONS of sex.


Just kidding.


You little horney muffins XD

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