One Choice...

Skylar is 17 years old. She is in love with her best friend Jake, Jake has a girlfriend named Samantha,
Samantha hates Skylar but Skylar don't know why? Theres a lot of drama,love and friendship in this book.. wanna know more? read the book<3<3<3


1. Love, Friends or Trust?

My name is skylar, i'm 17 years old. My best friends name is Jake, we have bin best friends since 6 grade, i can tell him everything, just not this thing, " i love him". My friend Abigail is the only one i've ever told that i love Jake, but she use to say that its a good thing and that we are so cute together, but this time she just said that i couldn't be in love with him and i just got so mad at her that i screamed " BITCH!!! how can you say that? are you on Sam's team now? i thaught you were my best friend?" and she just answerd " And i thaught you were mine, but i'm always after Jake! Remember??" "What?" " oh you don't Skye, what a suprise! well last week when we were having a sleepover, suddenly Jake calls and you have to leave without telling what there was wrong! you just left  like you always does!" "Wow sorry Abi. I didn't know that youre taking it like that!" " well i do, skylar. but i don't care anymore, this friendship is over now! don't ever call me Again!!" " Abigail, wait!" "No skylar! i'm not gonna wait for you anymore!" she said and slammed the door...


suddenly Jake calls... "hey Jake" i said, "skye? can you come over?" he said "ohh.. sure se you in 10 minuts" i answerd "Great see ya" he said

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