One Choice...

Skylar is 17 years old. She is in love with her best friend Jake, Jake has a girlfriend named Samantha,
Samantha hates Skylar but Skylar don't know why? Theres a lot of drama,love and friendship in this book.. wanna know more? read the book<3<3<3


2. Jake's house

i reached Jake's house.. "Hey Jake" i said, i saw the tears running Down his face. "What's wrong" I asked, "it's Samantha! she broke up with me!" "what? why??" " I don't know skye? she just said that it was over and then she left!" "i'm so sorry Jake, i'll call her!" "thanks skye" he said.

"hello" "hey sam, it's skye" "oh god no! not you skye! i geuss Jake told what happend!"

"yes he did! why the fuck did you broke up with him?" " you know why!" " no i don't sam!" "well because Abi told me that you are in love with Jake! and everybody knows that he likes you more than me!" " youre so cold Samantha! so cold!" " whatever skylar! see ya on monday"  "what did she say?" "not much Jake".... i wanted to tell him so much that i was in love with him but what if he don't feel the same way as i do? "skye?" "what's wrong Jake?" " nothing, but will you please leave now? i don't want you to see me like this" "like what Jake? i don't care if youre crying i will never leave my best friend!" i went over to him to hug him, but i don't know how but suddenly i kissed him.... i opend my eyes, and looked at him...he was starring at me with thoose eyes! was it good or bad that we were still kissing? i pulled myself back. "i'm so sorry Jake i didn't ment to....   "shh.. don't talk" he said and kissed me.

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