Do You Believe? ||Peter Pan||

I smirk slyly as I pull the young girl behind me.
"This, Wendy, is Neverland."
"No, this isn't- It couldn't. This, boy, is not Neverland and you are not Peter Pan."
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


6. Waiting ||Chapter Five||

Peter's POV

Tink convinces Mr that she is just probably out eating dinner. So, I wait. I sit in the chair looking at her book. No pictures. I start at the beginning, looking at the chapter name.

The Day He Died.

Hm. I've never been I good reader but this should give me something to do as I wait. I start reading the book, my mind stumbling on each word. Soon, I start to lose my patients for this. I see the book down angrily and look at the clock. One in the morning! What's going on with Wendy?? 

And then I realize, my shadow is gone. Great. “Tink, my shadow disappeared again," I say, my arms crossed.

She rolls her eyes.

“Hey! Tink, please help me." I get up, opening the door slowly. I sneak down the stairs and into a room with two boys in it. It's... Michael and John?!

They look way older now. I creep out, but my foot runs into the wall. John wakes to the noise. His eyes go wide.

“Peter Pan?" He whispers, “Michael, it's Peter Pan!"

Michael gets up slowly and puts on his glasses. His eyes, too, go wide.

I put my finger over my lips, hushing them. 

“I'm looking for my shadow, come help please," I ask.

They nod and crawl out of bed. 

The three of us creep around the house, looking for my shadow.

When we get back to Wendy's room I puff out my cheeks and fall onto the seat. 

“What are you doing here anyways?" John asks.


“Waiting?" Michael repeats.

“Waiting," I assure with a nod.



Hey, I only plan on making this about 20 chapters long, but I do plan on making a sequel.

-Amy S.

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