Do You Believe? ||Peter Pan||

I smirk slyly as I pull the young girl behind me.
"This, Wendy, is Neverland."
"No, this isn't- It couldn't. This, boy, is not Neverland and you are not Peter Pan."
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


4. Lies ||Chapter Three||

I wake up, fallen on the floor, at the break of dawn. 

I remember my last moments before darkness yesterday.


“To our life today and the one to come," I smile, putting my glass out.

The boys repeat me and we do a crow in honor of today's life.


I rub my eyes, getting up off the ground. I see the Lost Boys doing the same. I pick up a glass. It still has a small amount of liquid in it. I sip it down and walk into Wendy's room. 

She cowered into the corner as I opened the door.

“Hon, I only want to unite you. I think you understand enough what I want," I say, slowly walking closer.

I can see her shivering in fear and from the cold of the room.

My hand moves to the rope that keeps her tied to the wall. I untie it slowly, knowing rope burns will lie underneath. 

Wendy winces as my hand touched the raw skin.

I kiss her temple, as if to distract her as I untie her other arm and legs.

Unlike yesterday, my kiss seems to calm her some. “S- sir," she whispers, “can I stand up?"

I nod, with a smile on my face. I stand and reach my hand down to help her up. She takes it and tries to stand. Her knees wobble and she starts to fall. My arms quickly move to her waist as I support her. Her face goes red as she realizes how close she is to me. 

“How long have I been here, sir? I cannot recall when I got here or if I was anywhere before," she furrows her eyebrows.

My lips go to her ear as I whisper, “You've been here quite a long time. Want to step outside for a second?"

She nods, fear still showing in her eyes.

Why lie to her? Because I need her to believe. And if lies are the only way, then lying I must do.



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