Do You Believe? ||Peter Pan||

I smirk slyly as I pull the young girl behind me.
"This, Wendy, is Neverland."
"No, this isn't- It couldn't. This, boy, is not Neverland and you are not Peter Pan."
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


5. Faith ||Chapter Four||

Wendy's POV

His arm wrapped around mine, we walk outside. The sunlight blinds me for a while, for I have been a dark room.

There are a few other boys in the area we have walked to.

“Sir, who is she?" One asks.

“Yeah, what's with the lady?" Two ask in unison.

“She's been here for a while, remember boys?" He says through a small laugh.

They seem to snap into that thought, all of them saying, “Oh yes," or, “Oh yeah."

I feel his eyes on me as I mess with the hem of my dress.

“You will love it here, like everyone else. Trust me," he whispers, in a ragged voice, in my ear, sending chills down my back.

I nod in answer. I can almost feel the anger running through him as he slaps me.

I flinch, but none of the boys seem to be fazed by it.

“Speak to me when I talk to you," he grits his teeth and pulls me roughly to him by my arm.


The name flashes in my mind and, almost as if my mind doesn't want to forget, I remember everything.

A whimper escapes my lips and I am dragged back to the dark room. He throws me to the corner, my wrists burning. 

Anger filled in his voice, he speaks, “You will not come out until you forget that Peter boy. He won't find you. He will never save you."

I whimper again, nodding.

He turns on his heel and leaves. The door slams behind him, making me jump.

Tears run down my face as I ask myself, is he coming? Will Peter really save me? 

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