Do You Believe? ||Peter Pan||

I smirk slyly as I pull the young girl behind me.
"This, Wendy, is Neverland."
"No, this isn't- It couldn't. This, boy, is not Neverland and you are not Peter Pan."
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


7. Eyes ||Chapter Six||

I stomp around and the boys steer clear out of my way.

Why can't she forget? I'm just as good as that other little brat. What's so different about him?

I find myself in the fighting area. I pick up a small pocket knife and my sword. I fly off to find someone to fight.

I fly across the whole island, but no one seems good enough. I sigh and fly back and I hear screaming. Laughing?

I see the Lost Boys and Wendy running around, chasing each other. 

She sees me and stops. Fear fills her face as she hides behind the boys.

I realize I must look pretty mad, saying how mad I feel. I try to calm down before I land.

“What were you guys doing?" I ask calmly, raising an eyebrow.

“We were playing tag," Wendy squeaks.

I nod, “And why we're you out in the first place?" My eyes start to trail down Wendy, but I stop myself.

“She had to use the restroom, sir," someone speaks.

I look at her again, getting a weird feeling.

I nod again, “Well, I have a game. It will help you hide and find people. It's called hide and go seek. Wendy I'm sure you know how to play. And before we do play you need a tour of the place. All of you, tell her where everything is. Treat her as another Lost Boy."

I pinch the bridge if my nose, trying to get these thoughts out of my head. She is no different then any other girl I brought here. She just has something about her.

An hour later, they all return.

“Ready?" I ask.

“I have some rules to add on also. You may set up traps to stop the seeker and the seeker may do the same for the hiders. You cannot injure more than a deep cut. Anything more than that, and you are banned from the camp for a week. Got it?"

All of them nod. 

“Wendy, you're seeker. Everyone you have five minutes to hide and stuff." I wave them off and Wendy covers her eyes.

I look back at her as I'm running off, staring a bit to long.



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