Spaceship - h.s.

"You'll never be anything in life."

In the future, 2197, Seventeen year old, Jayda Porter, is alone in life. Her parents died when she was three, and she lives with her roommate who's hardly ever around. Her teachers tell her all the same things. That of course, is that she'll never be anything. Bullying is pretty much her lifestyle. She's been bullied since she could remember, so she keeps her head down. She's not extraordinary, so she thinks, but why her?
When a spaceship crashes on earth, in her hometown in California, and is know to have aliens in it, everyone panics.
Harry Styles is a 20 year old alien. He's never seen a human before in his life. But when him and his parents decide to take a trip to earth, he's all for it. His spaceship crashes, and he's the only one who makes it out alive. He's alone now, and finds an immediate attraction to a girl watching from her window. He needs to get back home, because aliens can't last long on earth without finding love.

Will Harry fall in love with a human? Will he be able to handle the human cruelty, and lifestyle? What about Jayda? Can she figure out what Harry is? As how to get him home?

He only needs two things: love, or a spaceship.

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2. Trip to Earth

Spaceship - h.s. 



Chapter Two: Trip to Earth


Harry's POV

"Harry?" My mum called. We were in our home, our ship. 

"Yes mum?" I asked once I reached her lair. I knew what she was gonna say, and I've been excited for this trip for a while now. I've wanted it since I was twenty eight, or fourteen in human years. 

"Your father and I have decided it's time," she said smiling. 

I looked at her confused, "Time for what, mum?" I asked. I think I know where this is going. You see, I'm not actually supposed to know anything about Earth. But, that's where mum grew up before dad changed her. She tells me and my sister, Gemma, that humans think we're ugly creatures, that speak it certain languages and abduct people. Well, we do abduct, but only if that's what the human wants. We call it taking in. 

Really, we speak English. That's our first language. Our planet, Directo, chooses so. English as our first, and Directirian as our second. 

"It's time for that trip to Earth you've wanted forever!" She shouts excitedly. I smiled and hug her. I've wanted this for so long!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I kiss her cheek. The only thing that makes me nervous about Earth is that we can't leave the ship without our marks or we could die. That is unless we're looking for love. Which then, we have to find love in a year and five months, or three months in human years. If we don't, then we have to mark our skin again and return to our planets as soon as we can. If we don't mark, we die. Our love can only be proven through a kiss. Good thing we don't look like those creepy little things humans think we do, then we'd be fucked. 

We look just like humans, that's why it's so easy for us to live on Earth once we find love, or visit.

Our mate can turn into an alien, meaning we take them in, or we can turn human. Even if no one wants to change, we can mark them, and they can visit our planet temporarily. Meaning they're a temporary alien. When they wanna change back, all we have to do is lick they're skin where the mark was. And poof! Human again. 

Since I am Directirian, I have special abilities. Such as speed, invisibility, mind reading, super strength, etc. 

"Mum? When do we leave?" I called. 

"Tomorrow at the crack of the moon!" She yelled back. 

I exited our ship, and walked over to my friend Liam's ship. I knocked on the door, and he answered. "Guess what!" I told him, entering his ship. 

"What, Haz?" He asked, grabbing me a drink. 

"I'm going to Earth tomorrow!" I smirked. He high-fived me and we sat around. 

Once I left Liam's, I got ready for the trip. My mum got the saucer ready for Earth, and I couldn't be more excited. I don't see how anything can go wrong on this trip. 

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