Spaceship - h.s.

"You'll never be anything in life."

In the future, 2197, Seventeen year old, Jayda Porter, is alone in life. Her parents died when she was three, and she lives with her roommate who's hardly ever around. Her teachers tell her all the same things. That of course, is that she'll never be anything. Bullying is pretty much her lifestyle. She's been bullied since she could remember, so she keeps her head down. She's not extraordinary, so she thinks, but why her?
When a spaceship crashes on earth, in her hometown in California, and is know to have aliens in it, everyone panics.
Harry Styles is a 20 year old alien. He's never seen a human before in his life. But when him and his parents decide to take a trip to earth, he's all for it. His spaceship crashes, and he's the only one who makes it out alive. He's alone now, and finds an immediate attraction to a girl watching from her window. He needs to get back home, because aliens can't last long on earth without finding love.

Will Harry fall in love with a human? Will he be able to handle the human cruelty, and lifestyle? What about Jayda? Can she figure out what Harry is? As how to get him home?

He only needs two things: love, or a spaceship.

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5. Don't Dream & Be Quiet

Spaceship - h.s. 



Chapter Five: Don't Dream & Be Quiet 

Jayda's POV 
I woke up on the couch tangled with Harry. I removed myself from the couch, and stood in front of him. He was mumbling something in his sleep, a language I couldn't understand. He began to stir, and I think he was having a nightmare. 
"Harry," I whispered and shook him. He swatted my hand away and turn on his side. Well gee, someone's not a morning person. I shook him once more. 
"Harry, get up," I said louder. He jolted awake, then soon relaxed once he recognized his surroundings. 
"Are you okay?" I ask. He yawns and nods his head, getting up from the couch. 
"Just a bit nervous," he says. Coming closer to me with every word. 
"Nervous? For what?" I ask. 
"I get nervous around you," he blushes. I giggle and hold his hand. No one has every been nice to me, let alone been nervous around me. 
"There's no need to be nervous," I say, smiling at him. 
He hugs me and sits us back on the couch.
"What do you dream about, when your sleeping, and awake?" I ask. He turns toward me. 
"I dreamt of you, but my dream is to see my family again, but I know that's impossible." He says. I frown, comforting him with my touch. He looks up at me. 
"What's your dreams?" He asks, sweetly. 
"I-I don't dream," I say, looking down at my feet. He looks at me, concerned. 
"How come?" He asks. 
I sigh, letting the tears fall once again, for the third time in 48 hours. 
"Because, I know no matter how hard I wish, and wish for it to come true, it won't," I sob. He wraps his arms around me. 
"Hey, hey, that's not true, love, don't think like that." He whispers in a soothing tone. 
"Look at me," he says. I continue to look down, hoping he'll just let it go. 
"Jayda," he says. He uses his two fingers to lightly turn my head towards him. 
"Every dream is worth the wait, don't think because it doesn't come true, you give up. Chase them, okay beautiful?" He says. I nod my head. 
His purple eyes look deep into mine, he slowly leant in, as did I. His soft, amazing, lips meeting mine. When people say they feel sparks, its an understatement. 
We were interrupted by a harsh pounding on the door. 
"Who-" I was cut off by Harry's hand over my mouth. 
"Be quiet, I don't want them to hurt you," he says. I nod and he removes his hands from my mouth, as he tiptoes over to the peephole. 
He comes back to me, "Do you have another way out, where they won't see us?" He whispers. I nod. 
"I'll pack some food, you get clothes and essentials. Where are your bags?" He whispers. I point to the closet next to the guest room, and run upstairs for clothes. 
Harry's POV
She comes down quickly after, and leads me to the garage. We load her vehicle, and soon speed off in the other direction. I didn't want her hurt, I didn't want them to take her. 
"Harry, who are those people?" She asked nervous.
"They've been hunting my family for years, wanted our luxury, and revenge on my dad. Tom and Marcus." I say truthfully. She looks at me with sympathy. 
"Where are we gonna go?" I asked. I'm such a horrible person. I like Jayda a lot, and I've lied to her, and ran her out of her own home. 
"My moms old friend, Karen, owns a dance studio in Calabasas, there's an apartment at the top of the building. She said I could have it anytime. So I'm there sometimes when Dani's gone. It should be good until we figure something out, right?" She asks. 
"Yeah, that's perfect," I smile at her. My smile soon fades once I realize what she's done for me. Yet all I do to her is lie. What's even worse, is that I'm falling for her, and falling hard. 
The rest of the drive was silent, as we were both caught up in our own thoughts. 


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