Spaceship - h.s.

"You'll never be anything in life."

In the future, 2197, Seventeen year old, Jayda Porter, is alone in life. Her parents died when she was three, and she lives with her roommate who's hardly ever around. Her teachers tell her all the same things. That of course, is that she'll never be anything. Bullying is pretty much her lifestyle. She's been bullied since she could remember, so she keeps her head down. She's not extraordinary, so she thinks, but why her?
When a spaceship crashes on earth, in her hometown in California, and is know to have aliens in it, everyone panics.
Harry Styles is a 20 year old alien. He's never seen a human before in his life. But when him and his parents decide to take a trip to earth, he's all for it. His spaceship crashes, and he's the only one who makes it out alive. He's alone now, and finds an immediate attraction to a girl watching from her window. He needs to get back home, because aliens can't last long on earth without finding love.

Will Harry fall in love with a human? Will he be able to handle the human cruelty, and lifestyle? What about Jayda? Can she figure out what Harry is? As how to get him home?

He only needs two things: love, or a spaceship.

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3. Crash & Protect

Spaceship - h.s.

Chapter Three: Crash & Protect

Harry's POV

I awoke, walked to the saucer for the trip. Everyone was already there. I ate breakfast and put on my seatbelt. "Once we get to earth, I will mark you all." Mom spoke.

We all nodded and buckled our seatbelts. Dad powered up the saucer, and we counted down. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

The saucer took off fast, too fast. Dad never goes this fast when entering a different planet. He knows it's dangerous.

"Dad, slow down!" Gemma shouted.

Dad whispered something, but no one heard over the sound of the generator in the back.

"Dad!" I yelled.

"I can't! The breaks aren't working!" He shouted.

"What the hell do you mean they aren't working?" I asked.

This could not be happening. I've wanted to go to Earth for years, and when I finally get to go, my family is in danger.

Before we knew it, the scenery changed, and everything went black.

Jayda's POV

-Two Hours Earlier-

I woke up and got dressed into a sweater, jeans, and a beanie. Another day at that horrible place. Great.

I grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard, and munched on it as I put on my shoes. I grabbed my keys and phone and locked the door on my way out.

I got into my car, and drove off to the one and only place I absolutely hated. I really wish something happens today. Oh! Maybe it could snow! But of course, I have to live in Cali.

I pulled up and did my morning routine. I signed in and looked for Cameron's name. Yes! He's not here! I was finally gonna have a good day. Believe it or not, those exist.

I walked into my first period class. French... With Mrs.Boldman. Gosh this lady hates my guts!

"Morning Mrs.Boldman," I say politely. I know she hates me, and it's quite fun annoying her. She rolled her eyes slightly and mumbled under her breath.

"Just take a seat," She said, annoyed.

I smiled and made my way to my desk, hoping for a good day.

"Okay class, open your-" she was interrupted but the sound of the emergency.


What was going on? The only time this happens is when there's an earthquake, but no one felt anything.

Everyone gathered there things, and rushed out the school doors. I ran to my car and sped out of the school parking lot. Traffic, shit.

This is one of those times where I need someone, someone to hold me and tell me everything will be okay. I held onto my locket.

"Mom, dad, please. Please save me. I need you guys right now." I whispered to myself

Once I finally got into my house, I locked all my doors and windows, and pulled the curtains down. I turned on the television, to try and see what was happening.

Three beeps came, and the news channel appeared. The reporter appeared,

"It's been an hour since the alien crash, and there are still no know survivors, everyone, lock your doors and windows, keep safe," she said.

It switched to the live report showing every running and scattered.


I locked all my doors and windows, but on the last window I looked outside. Everyone was running in different directions, trying to get to their families.

But one boy stood out to me. His clothes were torn, and there were cuts and bruises all over him. I stared at him, and he stared back, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take my eyes away from this godlike figure.

Harry's POV

I woke up on the ground. The ship was wrecked and broken, some pieces on fire. There was no way I could use it to get home.

I got up and tried to look for my family.

"Mom! Dad! Gemma!" I shouted. No answer. I walked around the ship. When aliens die, they disappear, and all I saw was the clothes of my family. No bodies.

I fell on my knees and cried. My family is dead. Gone. I have no one, and I'm stuck on earth.

Then a though occurred to me. I'm not marked, and to be marked you need the saliva of another alien. My saliva will only last a few days.

I lick myself and get up. I'm gonna die. My family is gone, and I have no shelter.

I need two things: love or a spaceship.

Do you know how hard it is to find love intentionally?! I'm fucking screwed. It's even harder considering I have to tell them what I am.

I looked up and noticed a Hollywood sign. I began walking to find somewhere to run, to hide. I looked around and saw all the humans running to their, what mom called, houses.

This is all because of me. Because I wanted to visit another planet. My family is dead because of me.

I limp down the street. Please no one notice me. I can be worked on. Sent to the observatory. The only thing different from a human and an alien appearance wise, is that our eyes are purple, light purple, and humans have a strange attractive to us. Like we're gods or something.

I stopped as my eyes were drawn to a girl looking for her window. She was so beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes away from her. They say you know when you've found your mate, and if she isn't it, she's pretty damn close.

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