Lost Boys

"Wanna runaway?" I nodded my head in response.


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{Emma's pov}

"Oh goodness!" I watched as a boy who had just moved in fell into a puddle of mud. His giggling making me smile as well. By the look of his long legs he must of have to be at least fifteen. His cute blonde hair becoming dirty and brown.

Closing the curtain, I did not need to be labeled as the creepy neighbor. I quickly grabbed my journal, writing in today's thoughtful events.

I walked passed my fathers study, his hands on his forehead as he sighed. "Father, are you okay?" I stood by the door frame, feeling petite at the large Study. "I'm fine dear, just stressed. Why don't you go ahead and get some dinner, I think I'll stay in tonight." Before I could protest he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few pounds. Just enough to go to a cafe and get a small diner and drink.

I pecked his cheek, thanking him. I truly felt sorrow for him, after mum got into a accident things were never the same.

I quickly grabbed a jumper and slipped into my rain boots. The fresh air hit my skin as I stepped out into the open streets. The bright lights sprinkled around the air as the sun set and the sky was filled with bright hues.

I stuffed my hands into my pocket under my jumper. Walking down the street, trying to find a decent cafe.

Once satisfied I opened the door to a small room, it was cozy and comfy. Only a couple and a man sipping on some sort of thick black liquid filled the cafe.

I quickly walked up to the front, looking at the pastries displayed ahead of me. It's not much of a supper but it worked.

While deciding on what crepe I wanted a ding sounded off behind me. I ignored it continuing on what sounded appealing and what was in my budget.

"Excuse me?" a boyish voice was bellowed from behind me. I turned to see a boy just as tall as me, maybe a few inches taller. His dark curls were wet against his head as his skin was slightly damp from the rain.

"Sorry, you may go ahead." I stepped to the side. He just shook his head and giggled.

Yes he giggled, and it was cute.

"No, I was just wondering if you needed help deciding." he replied standing next to me, both of us turned around to observe the pastries. "I think I will get a fruit tart and tea." I answered pulling out the money from my pocket.

"So original?" He chuckled. I just smiled and looked up to the lady who had lost interest a long time ago. "Why not something more yummy?" he asked. "Fruit tarts are yummy." I defended my food. "Honestly?" he turned towards the food. "Yes, they are quite delicious." I answered back.

"I'll have the Creme filled pound cake and a tea, wait make that two teas and a fruit tart. And make the tea with two sugars and milk." He told the miss who write down his order and told him she would only be a minute.

"Wait miss!" I hollered but she was already gone and making the tea. "You didn't get my order. . ." I slouched my shoulders and let out a loud sigh. "Oh come, can't a stranger get you a fruit tart and tea?" he asked, humor filled and laced into his voice.

"No, remember you're a stranger?" I asked, moving my hands.

"Well, hi my name is Harry Styles. I am eighteen and a lost boy." He told, he placed his hands on his chest as if he were proud. "Lost boy?" I asked, the lady had brought out our teas and pastries. He quickly paid and moved towards a seat, motioning for me to seat across from him. "Lost boy, as in lost boy like in Peter Pan?" I asked curious.

"Yeah, you could say that." he chuckled sipping on his tea. I took a nibble from my tart. "You never told me who you are."

"Oh, Emma Knight. Seventeen and a journalist." I replied taking a drink from my overly sugared tea. "Well as much as I love talking to girls I barely met," he grinned. "I have a meeting with the boys." And with that he left, taking his tea and cake with him.

I finished my tea and wrapped the tart to take home. I swiftly got up and left not a single thought of Harry flood through my mind.

Lost boys.

{Harrys pov}

"C'mon Lou!" I kept honking my horn till he ran out if his dainty apartment. His hands were motioning for me to open the boot, following his gestures he placed a black duffle bag in and slammed the boot shut.

Once his body was all buckled up and cozy I decided to ask "What are we doing today?" I continued down the road to Niall's aunts house. "Well after we pick up Niall then the rest I was thinking that the city isn't the limit." he turned towards me, I didn't even need to glance to see that he was smirking.

Once pulling in Niall's driveway, I honked my horn a few times. Just as I was about to run up and knock, Lou had a firm grip on my shoulder. His eyes were steered towards the rear view mirror. I looked over to see a familiar jumper walking along the street to which I presumed was her house. Emma, I think was her name. She was stunning, captivating. She was the time that when you stood around her, you felt like you fit in.

"I know her!" I whispered yelled to Louis. "I met her not to long ago at a cafe." I continued. His stare towards her slowly drifted away as she unlocked the door of her house and stepped in.

"Who is she?" he asked. "Um Emma Knight, some journalist I think." I answered as Niall came running out of the house.

"God it's about time Ni!" louis said as he turned towards Niall as his cheeks turned a blotchy red. "Anyways lets go get the rest." Lou informed me as I pulled out of the driveway.

{Zayns pov}

I quickly packed my suitcase, clothes and food, everything I cared about.

I can't believe we're doing this.

I heard Harry and them pull into the driveway. I quickly grabbed my suitcases and ran out, putting my things in the back. "Four down, one to go!" Louis cheered. "Woah, this is really happening!" I scratched the back of my head unsure of this.

After picking up Liam and deciding on where to eat we finally gave up and just got some chicken and chips.

"So, I was thinking..." Louis started. "That maybe it would be fun to bring a little more company." Lou smirked over at Harry, rolling his eyes at his comment.

"What are you implying?" Liam chirped.

"Well, today my boy Harry met a very fine lady." I raised my eyebrows at Lou. "No, that's not happening." Harry turned to louis, anger in his tone. "C'mon have some fun!" Lou cheered.

{Emma's pov}

I quickly filled in on what happened today at the cafe in my journal. I quickly slipped into my pyjamas and walked to my window, clicking it shut. I wrapped myself in my wool blankets, drifting off to sleep.


A gush of wind hit my face, my eyes being sore as the moonlight hit them. I squinted my eyes towards the window to see that the window was open.

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