The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


2. What a day

Adilyan pov

                Monday mornings' sun glisten in my room. I stretched and walked into the bathroom. I started the shower, and as I did my phone rang in my room. I quickly got to it and answered it. "Hey Addy." "Oh hey, Luke." He grunted. "I'm gonna come pick you up for school that okay?" "Yes that's fine." "Alright, well tell Ryan." "Okay, bye." Before he said bye I hung up. I walked back into the bathroom and stripped and got into the warm water. 

               Luke came around 6:15 am to come pick us up. I had just got out of the shower and Luke was in the kitchen with Ryan. I quickly changed and walked out of my room with my black vans in my right hand. "Morning A." Ryan said as he grabbed my backpack. I put my shoes on and took my bag from Ryan. "Morning Ryan." Ryan acted like we were best buddies, when really we weren't. He only acted nice when Luke was around. Ryan smirked and then we walked out to Luke's car. I got in the back while Ryan got in the front. I stayed quiet the whole ride. Since Saturday at the festival Luke hasn't talked about the kiss and neither have I. I really have no idea what Luke and I are. I shivered as the cold air that was still in Luke's car brushed against my face. Ryan and Luke just talked about college stuff, and their GPA. I blurred their talking out and just focused on the trees we passed by. I wish that I had a heavier jacket because I was just freezing in the back. Ryan was taking up all the heat. "Hey can I get some heat back here I'm freezing." Ryan looked over at me and pointed one of the air vents towards me. "Thanks." I said as I looked over at the outside.

              Ryan met up with his other friends and left me and Luke alone together. He grabbed his bag and closed the door. "Luke!" We both turned and saw Tanner running up to us. Tanner was my cute, sweet, and popular ex boyfriend. "Hey Tan." Luke replied. I just kept walking pass them. I walked into the building, and then I saw Luke's ex Casy coming towards me. "So I heard about the little kiss you and my boyfriend had Saturday night." "And is that a problem Casy." I tried to move around her but she just kept pushing me back. "No one else is allowed to put their lips on my man Adilyan." She frowned. "For one I wasn't the one to kiss first....Wait why am I even bothering with this stupid conversation." I started to walk away again, but then I felt her fist smack me right a cross my left cheek. This girl has crossed the line. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. "No one kisses my man. " I swung my fist so hard in her face that she fell backwards. "Casy I'm done with your bullshit!" Her nose started to bleed. "My nose!!" Luke ran up to her. "Casy!" Luke cradled her. "What the hell is wrong with you Addy!" He said to me angrily. Tanner looked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned back around, and bumped into the principal. "Come with me Miss. Cress." 

                  I sat in his cold office with his stares. "Tell me why." "She's a cold hearted..." I paused. "Girl." I looked over at his snow globe on his desk. "Adilyan, this isn't like you." "Well when you have a girl that bullies you like almost everyday then you tell me...Wouldn't you do the same thing?" "Probably." "She hit me first...Here's the red mark." "I see that Adilyan..." He sighed. "I'm gonna need to talk to her in private, so you can go back to class." He wrote me a pass, and then I walked to my first period. I walked in and handed Mr. Forest the pass. I sat in the way back away from most of everyone. "Hey what happen." Tanner whispered to me. " Stuff." "Well tell me later." "Fine." I pulled out my notebook and started to take down the notes that I saw. Ten minutes later the bell rang. Tanner walked with me to my next class. "She just got me to the...." "No...With you and Luke." "Oh it was just one....good wet kiss...." "Oh..." Tanner turned around and walked with someone more entertaining. 

             During lunch I met up with Luke. We both went into H wing. "Luke I'm sorry I punched her..." "You have problems Addy." "How...?" "You can't treat my girlfriend like that." My eyes widened with a surprise. "Girlfriend?!" I paused. "You said you loved me...and then we kissed..." He sighed. "I lied..." He mumbled under his breath. "Of course..." I slid down against the wall. "Addy...I'm sorry but, that kiss meant nothing and I love Casy, I plan on marrying her after high school." He then left. I didn't cry about it, I just held my head in my hands. I stood and walk out to the crowed lunch room. I saw Luke and Casy together, and Tanner with his buddies. And I was alone once again.

           By fifth period the principal took me out of class. We went back into his cold office. He sat down and looked at me. "Adilyan, Casy told me you hit her first...And I looked at the video and clearly you started it first." "Not true." "I'm sorry but you are not allowed to be here for about three or four months." "Okay..." I rolled my eyes. "I'm sorry...You can leave now or finish the rest of the day here. " I didn't reply I just got up and walked back to my class. A lump formed in my throat, I held back the tears as I walked into class. I looked at Luke and Casy. I grabbed my stuff. "Bye Mrs. Webs." "Oh you're leaving?" "Yea forever." Casy laughed. "Yea go kill yourself Addy...No one likes nor loves you. I bet your father killed himself because of you." Luke didn't even back me up, he didn't laugh he just looked at me. I walked out of class and heard Mrs.Webs yelling at her. Tears finally came pouring out. I bumped into Tanner. "Addy you okay?" He said as I kept walking to the doors. 

          I walked all the way to the mountains that were close to my house. I sat on the wooden bench looking over them. I could just jump off, but I'm not. I just sat there watching the snow getting faster. I was freezing, but I didn't care anymore. Maybe I'll freeze to death. I pulled out my phone and went to my email and messed Swagger22. 

Me; Hey if I don't reply to you...I might be dead...I can't handle this anymore and I'm sorry, but goodbye...It was good to know you :') 

I sent it and turned off my phone so nobody could reach me. Luckily the mountains is cover by woods, so no one can see me. I took off my jacket, gloves, and my boots. I laid in the snow, and let my body freeze to death, I don't even know if this is possible, but it's worth a try. I closed my eyes and let the snow pile on me. 

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