The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


1. The Festival


  Adilyan pov

            I just got back home from school. When I walked in the house snow trailed behind me as I stepped on the door mat. The warm air defrosted my hands as I took off my gloves. "You got snow on my wood Addy..." Mom said as I took off my boots. "Sorry..." She rolled her eyes and walked into her office. I continued my way to my room. I flipped open my laptop and saw that Swagger22 messaged me on the chat website we used. 

~Swagger22; Hey Flower :)

~Me;I swear your username is so stupid haha.

            I chuckled to myself and I logged out. I put my phone on the charger and walked out to the kitchen. Ryan was playing Call Of Duty with Luke. "Hey A...Get me some pizza!" Ryan said. I grabbed a slice for him and walked it over to him. "Here." His serious face indicated that he was to into the game to care. I walked back in the kitchen to grab me a slice. "Addy..." I jumped a little. "Oh...Hey Luke." I smiled and bit into the warm pizza. "How was school?" he asked as we both sat at the kitchen table. "It was okay..." "Yea...Same here." He sighed like their was something wrong with him. "What's wrong?" I asked as I finished off the last bite of my pizza. "Things..." I put my hand on his. "You can tell me Luke." "It's...just Casy." He stood. "I need to go." And then without another word he left. I walked back in my room and got back online. 

~Swagger22; Swag was popular back when I was 13 haha...Why'd you get offline?

~Me;Sorry, I got hungry

We replied quickly to each other.

~Swagger22; Oh okay, How was your day?

~Me;Super boring, but it was okay. What about yours?

~Swagger22;It was okay...

We had talked non-stop until it was 8pm

~Me;I'm gonna go take a shower

~Swagger22;Okay...Well i'm just gonna say goodnight to you. I'm really tired.


                The morning was a cold Saturday. My door creaked open as Luke's head popped in. "Morning Addy." He smiled and handed me a hot coffee from Dave's Cafe down the street. "Thank you Luke." I smiled as he kissed my forehead. "You seem really happy this morning." He smiled and sat on my bed next to me. "It's just this girl that I met online." "Really? Tell me about her?" "Well she lives in the same state as us, she's so sweet and cute...Well the way she talk's is cute. I don't know what she looks like. But I think I like her a lot." He just held his smile. "I've been talking to this guy online." "Tell me about him." "Well he's so sweet, I don't know what he looks like, but i'm sure he's cute tho." I smiled and sipped my coffee. "So what do you want to do today?" Luke asked as I looked through my sweaters. "Ummm I don't know...How about the winter festival up in town tonight?" Luke came up behind me. "Sure...And you should wear your peach colored sweater." I turned and he was right their. "Why peach?" I smiled shyly. "Because it brings out tho's beautiful eyes you have...Duh." He smile with a chuckle. "Okay...Well i'm gonna get dressed, so you should get out of my room." Yea...I'll go chill with Ryan." "Okay." I closed and locked my door as I changed into the sweater and black thick leggings. I walked into the bathroom and straighten my hair and did everything I needed to, to finish getting ready. 

                Luke had taken me out to lunch. We went down to a little sandwich shop in town. "How's your sandwich?" Luke asked. "I't's really good." He smiled at me. "Addy...?" "Yes Luke?" "What should I do about that one girl online? Should I meet up with her?" "Yea...You like her right?" "Yeaa...She make's me happy...No girl could ever do that.." I sighed. I liked Luke. "Well if you really like her go for her then...Meet with her next weekend or something." "Thanks Addy...I will." He smiled and then we both stood and walked out into the light snow. We walked down to a coffee shop. 

                As we walked in the warm air hit my face. It smelt like hot coffee, and baked goods. "Hey Luke." A guy said behind the counter. "Hey Mike." Luke ordered us some hot chocolate. I sat at the bar and stared at the outside. I watched snow float down and hit the bench out front. I love snow, but it's a lot of work. I blocked out my surroundings and just watched the snow. My thoughts began to wonder off to when my father died. Then, I realized today was ten years since he died. I was only seven when he died in the military. Luke startled me when he put the steaming hot chocolate in front of me. "You okay Addy?" "Yea...I was just in deep thoughts." "Oh okay." We sat there for about five minutes until we left. 

                                    *                                           *                                                *

                  Music played as we walked through the gates. "What do you want to do Addy?" "Lets go on the roller coaster." I pointed. "Okay." He held my cold hand and we walked to the roller coaster. We stood in line for good ten minutes. We sat in the very front. "I never rode a roller coaster before Addy." "Don't worry Luke it'll be fun." I held his hand for comfort. He smiled, and then the ride started. The cold air whipped through my hair and my face. as we went down hill. When the ride was over Luke's cheeks were so pink, and so were mine. We both got off and just walked around. "You want something hot to drink?" He asked as he pointed to a drink station. "Yea." He order two hot teas. "Lets go sit at the bench of there." I said. "Alright." We sat down. Their was kids throwing snowballs at each other. "Remember when we were small like that?" Luke said with a smile. "I sure do. I still beat you." "And I still want a rematch." He nudged me with his elbow. "Okay...It's on." I stood and cupped some snow on the ground. "This time we'll be on teams." Luke said. "What do you..." Before I could finish my sentence Luke called over the kids. "Hi I'm Luke...and this is Addy, how old are you all?" "We're all 10." one the little boys said. "Okay, well do you want to do girls verses boys game of a snowball fight?" "Yes!" All the girls came over to me. "Alright we all got 10 seconds to get in our places." Luke said with a smirk. I took the girls into the park and underneath the slide. 

                 The boys started looking for us girls. I didn't see Luke with them. I threw a snowball at a tree to distract the boys. "Alright ready girls?" They nodded their heads with a determine smile. "Okay go." One by one they went after them. So far the girls are winning. I ran out from behind the slide to go find Luke. I ran to baseball field. I saw a figure move. I ran towards it with a snowball in my hand. The figure ran out from behind a tree. I ran after it. As I got to the middle of the field I felt someone tackle me down. "I got you!" I raised one eyebrow. "Luke?!" He smiled. "I win." He said with a smile. "No you didn't." I said as I put the snow that was in my hand on his forehead. "I win." I smiled. We laughed. We both looked at each other. Luke leaned in and whispered, "I love you Addy." I smiled and then we both kissed each other.     


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