The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


6. The Date Gone wrong

Adilyan Pov

 We got to the coffee shop in town. I was speechless when we were in the car. "Just find a seat and I'll go get some hot coco." I nodded and picked the same seat I picked last time. I looked outside. The snow started to fall from the sky. I looked back and saw Luke coming up to the table with two hot coco's. He smiled and put a cup in front of me. "So you're my mystery man." "Yep." He smiled. "I'm still so shocked..." "I'm not..." He sighed. "I already knew it was you...I was on your email when you know tried to kill yourself...Well I saw you know my username and I clicked on it...and it was our conversations." " this wasn't a surprise to you then..." "Sadly no...Of course I'm happy that it's you Addy...but I just wasn't surprised...and I'm sorry." "No it's fine....but why did you even go on my laptop that day?" "It was left open thought maybe you were on it..." "Oh.." I said as I sipped the hot coco. 

     We continued talking about the school I was going to, and we had a couple of jokes. "So Luke what are we?" "I don't know Addy?" "Of you don't know." I rolled my eyes. "I just don't know what to do anymore....Casy...and then their's you." "Yea...and who treats you with respect?" "Both of you do...Casy is just really bossy." "Whatever Luke..." I stood. "Where are you going?" "Home Luke...I'm not going to stick around at this place with a guy I've secretly loved for years, that I now know that guy will never grow some balls and get over a girl that probably doesn't even love him the way I do." I walked out of the front door and continued my way down the sidewalk. I saw a couple of guys standing outside of this restaurant. Luke didn't even bother coming out of the coffee shop to come stop me...Whatever. "Hey girl." One of the guys said. I ignored them and kept walking. "I said hey!" He yelled back. I turned around..."And why don't you go shove your beer bottle up your drunken asshole!" I yelled back. I turned and walked quickly around the corner and hid behind a wall that nobody could see me standing behind. "Where's that little bitch?" I heard the men walking around the corner. "She must be a fast walker." He said as he walked pasted my hiding spot. I walked out and walked the opposite way from them. I turned the corner and then strong hands grabbed me. "Rick! I've got the little bitch!" "Let me go!" I yelled. He forced my hand to touch his gun he had. "You feel that?" He paused and smiled. "That's what's gonna kill you once we get done with your small tight pussy." He smiled and cover my mouth so no one could hear me. "What the hell do guys think you are doing?!" A guy said...It wasn't Luke's voice but the voice sounded so familiar. The guy let me go. "Now get the hell out of here now sir!" The man ran off. "Are you okay?" "No..." I was shaking. "Do have a ride home?" I looked the at parking lot and Luke's car was gone. "No..." "You probably won't trust me but I would give you a ride home if you would like?" "I guess..." "I won't hurt you I promise...My name's Mike." We shook. "Adilyan." "Pretty name." 

          Mike got me home safe with no trouble involved. "Addy...." "Yes Mike?" "I'm..." He sighed and smiled at me. I got of his car. "I'm...your father..." My eyes widen. "No...No you're not my dad died in combat..." "Addy...I am your father...Your mother is a liar....I never died she called for a divorce...." "Sir...Thanks for the ride home...But I need to got to bed..." "But Addy....It's the truth!" "Thanks...." I closed his door and walked in the warm house. I walked in to my room and stripped down to just my underwear...I was so shooked up that I sat up against my door. "Um Addy." I looked up and Luke was sitting on my bed looking straight at me. "Shit." I said trying to cover my boobs. "Ummmmm." This just got awkward once I saw his boner.



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