The Mysteries

Adilyan lost her father when she was seven years old. But when she finally meets the guy she's been talking to online they find the real truth about her father...She find's out things that could change her life. The question is, Is her father really dead?


5. It's You?

Adilyan pov

        Luke had stayed in my room with me. "Thank you Luke for saving my life...If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be going to see that guy tonight." I smiled and so did he. "You're welcome...You better be careful..." "I will, don't worry I have pepper spray." We both chuckled. "Good." He looked down at his phone. "Who keeps texting you?" He looked up at me. "Casy...I already told her I was done with her for good this time, and I'm going to meet the girl of my dreams tonight....She just keeps trying to get me back." I sighed. "Luke, block her number." "But..." "I'm just saying...You don't have to, but I think it's best if you're meeting with that girl tonight." "You have a point." He handed me his phone. "Do it for me." "My pleasure." I blocked her number and handed his phone back to him. "Adilyan!" My mother yelled from the office. "I'll be back." He nodded and then I left. "What?" My mom looked at me with a scowl. "What are you and Luke doing in your room?" " that a crime?" "Don't be smart with me." "Oh I'm sorry you can't handled my smart mind." She stood. "Hand over your phone and laptop." "Why?" "You want to be smart with me, then I'll show you smart. What's 10+20?" "30...." "Good, that's how many days you'll be grounded." I rolled my eyes. I walked back into my room. "You okay?" "I'm grounded from my phone and computer so...looks like I won't be see that guy." I walked back out and put my stuff on her table. "Thanks." She smirked as if she got what she wanted again. I closed my door and laid on my bed. "Here." Luke slipped his ipod in the side of my pants. My mom walked in."Luke you need to leave, she's grounded." "Okay. Bye Addy." "Bye." As he left My mom closed me door. "Don't come out until dinner." She angrily said. I locked my door and then laid back on my bed.

              I logged on to my email and emailed Swagger22.

Me;Hey so where are we going to meet tonight?

He replied quickly

Him;The play ground? or the coffee shop in town? Is fine with me.

Me; Long walk for me, but I guess the play ground.

Him; Well is their anywhere else you have in mind?

Me; Yea theirs this one place I love to go to and it's not that far of a walk for me....The mountains. 

Him; I know where that is...Okay we'll meet there around 7:15 pm, and meaning that I drive we can go into town for some hot coco or tea....What do you think? 

Me; Sounds great! :) I'll see you then.

Him; Can't wait! :)

I hid the ipod in one of my jacket pockets in my closet. I set my alarm for 6:00 pm and then snuggled into my sheets and fell asleep.

Luke Pov

            After me and the girl of my dreams stopped talking I decided to pick out clothes for tonight. It was going to be a cold Friday night so I got stuff that was gonna warm me and Addy when I held her. I can't wait to see her face reactions. I wonder what she's going to wear....I should probably tell her to dress warm.

Me; Hey dress warm....It's suppose to be a cold Friday night.

        She didn't reply...She might be napping. She did look tired when I was over there. I had pulled out my black pants, and a creamed colored sweater. I put it to the side and walked out of my room. "Hey Luke." "Hey Mark." Mark was one of my good friends. Mark usually just pops in my home whenever he wants. He doesn't go to the same high school as me, he goes to Northeast High, and I go to Stratford High. "So you ready to meet your mystery girl?" "Actually...I already know who she is." He raised his right eyebrow. "She's Addy." "Are you joking?!" "Nope...I found out when something was going on with her and me....Long story." "Are you and Casy still together? and that's awesome bro." "I know..." I smiled then continued with the conversation. "No, I broke up with her. Addy deleted her number out of my phone. I told her to." "Well good...Casy is bad news for you, Addy is the good innocent girl you need." He smiled and chuckled as he patted my left shoulder and then we said bye. Once he left I went into the shower. 

           I walked into my room while drying my black hair with my towel. "I was waiting for you." I heard a high pitch voice say. I looked up. "What do you want Casy?" I threw my towel in my hamper. She stood up and rubbed her rough hands on my abs. "I always loved seeing you shirtless." She winked. It was really unflattering. I grabbed just a t-shirt and put on so she couldn't look at my topless self. "Answer my question...." I said frustrated. "I just wanted to see my babe." She flicked her light brown hair, and then looked up at me with her green eyes. I coldly stared at her. "I'm not your babe Casy." "Oh shush." She giggled. And then rubbed her hands on my right arm. "You still love me don't you?" "No...Now leave." I pointed to my open room door. "So this is really over?" "Yes." "One question for you Luke..." "Fine..." "Why didn't you text me back?" She crossed her arms and frowned at me. "I blocked your number...Duh..." "Why!?" "You said one bye." My mom walked in my room. "Casy please leave..." My mom said with a harsh tone in her voice. "Whatever...You'll never find anyone better than me." Then she bumped into my mom and stormed out of the house. "I'm glad you're over her." "Me too." "The next girl I want you to see you with is Adilyan..." My mom said as she walked out of my room. 

            I looked at the clock and it was 6:15pm. My phone buzzed and it was Addy.

Her; Hey I can't wait to finally meet you...and I dressed as warm as I could.

Me; I'm so nervous! 

Her; Me too! I'm gonna start leaving the house soon. I'll see you soon :)

Me; Well be careful. 

Her; I'll try I'll message you when I leave and when I get there.

Me; Okay

I put my phone down and put on my sweater and pulled it over my t-shit I was wearing. I put on my black and white converse and then gelled back my hair so they formed into tiny spikes. Addy always loved my hair like that. I put on my old spice colon and then grabbed a jacket. I had put extra's in my car just in case if Addy or I needed more. I sat on the couch watching the news. To see what the weather was going to be like. My phone buzzed on my hands. 

Her; I'm leaving, should be there in ten minutes

Me; Be safe...I should be leaving soon. 

Her; Okay, and you be safe too.

"So your mystery girl is Addy?" My mom asked. "Yeah." She smiled. "Well you two better have a good time." I smiled. The weather seemed like it was going to be okay, it may get a little more cold, but not a lot. "Well mom I'm leaving!" I yelled as I grabbed my keys to my black mustang.  My mom came out of the laundry room  and said "Okay have fun. Addy is welcomed back here if she wants to." "Okay thanks, bye mom love you." "Love you too." She said as she kissed my cheek. "You always have to kiss my cheek." "It's my good luck kiss." She smiled with a chuckled. I chuckled and then left. 

        I got into my car and started it up. I put on the heat and backed out of the driveway. It was about a 15 minute drive to the mountains. I saw a girl standing there looking at my car as I stopped. Even though I already know her I'm still nervous. I turned off my car and pulled out my phone. 

Her; Is that you in the black mustang?

Me; Surprise...

As she looked at the Ipod I stepped out of my car and stood by my door. She looked up at me and her eyes widened.

Adilyan Pov

       I got to the woods leading to the mountains. The sun was still out. I waited for a good 5 minutes until I saw a black mustang stop in front of me. I pulled out the Ipod and messaged Swagger22

Me; Is that you in the black mustang?

Swagger22; Surprise... 

After he sent that I looked up to see Luke sanding right in front of his car. My eyes widen. I was speechless.

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