Elysian ✩ 5sos

elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


Courtney Winston, a seventeen year old girl who fell in love and hurt the people around her. After breaking up with the love of her life she finds out some dreadful news that she loves but hates. She ends up conceiving a child and doesn't know if it's the love of her life's or his best mate. When she runs into the four Australian boys, will they recognize her? Or will they treat her as a normal crazed fan?

Read Elysian to find out.

© Cuddling With Niall 2014
All Rights Reserved


14. 1.2

5 years later


I grabbed my keys as I logged off the computer, I grab my coat as I turn off the lights and look into the empty hallway of the high school I'm interning at.

I notice the janitor as I make my way, my high heels, clicking against the cold floors as I make my way out of the building and towards my car. I get in starting it as I lock the doors and drive to my mums house.

The twenty minute drive to my mums didn't take so long as I had the radio on low as I park in her driveway about to pick up Elysian to take home as we pack our bags for a flight to see my dad.

I get out of my car as I make my way up the steps and walking in putting my shoes to the side as I walk into the kitchen to see my mum and Liz enjoying a cup of tea as Elysian is doing her math.

"Hey mum" I said kissing her cheek as I smile and hug liz. "Hello liz" I said smiling as I turn to my eight year old daughter. "Elysian babe it's time to go" I said as I grabbed her coat.

"But grandmum said Liz's son is coming over with his friends to visit" Elysian whined as I turn slowly towards my mum.

"Elysian go into the living room for a couple minutes" I said handing her her coat as she shrugs waltzing into the living area. "Mum!" I said annoyed

"Luke deserves to at least see his daughter Court. Plus you haven't talked to the lads in awhile so i figured you'd be glad." She shrugs as I groan as I hear the door.

"Mum?" I heard Luke and three other loud boys as they all joined us in the kitchen.

"Courtney?" I heard Calum as I turn around slowly smiling slightly.

"Hey cal" I sighed.

"How are you? You stopped answering my calls and texts and I thought you were dead" he laughed slightly as I shrugged.

"I've been better" I sighed again.

"Mum!" Elysian yelled as I groaned.

"Kitchen!" I yelled back as she ran in the kitchen dropping her jacket. "You're 5 Seconds of Summer!" She said as she held her mouth as tears began to fell.

"Elysian" I warned as she nodded.

"Elysian?" Luke asked as he stared at his daughter and smiled.

"Yeah that's me" she laughed totally star strucked. Oh and since she's a fan, she has a huge crush on Luke and I find this whole situation awkward and funny.

"It's been five years" he sighed as she looked at him confused.

"What?" She asked as she made it to me. "Can you take my picture? I want to show my friends I met them before them" she said happily as she stood in front of them smiling her dimpled smile.

"Elysian I haven't seen you since you were just a tot" michael said as she looked at him getting suspicious.

"What is going on?" She asked looking at me as I sat on the chair. "Mum?" She asked standing in front of me.

"I was honestly trying to avoid this" I slightly laughed as everyone drew quiet. "Okay so I've known Luke since I can remember and so I moved and came back and we dated for a day then I dated Calum and Calum and I were living together and so Calum slept with me first then Luke couldn't help himself and so Calum and I broke up and then I ended up pregnant with you" I sighed seeing her face look at me with disgust.

"You cheated on your boyfriend?" She yelled as I groaned.

"Yes but-"

"That's-what the hell?" She yelled.

"Language!" I scolded as she scoffed.

"You are such a whore!" She yelled as my eyes grew wide. "You fucked up and you're a slut! How are you my mum?" She yelled and by now she and I both had tears running down our faces, but my expression was more shocked and sad while hers was filled with disgust at her own mum.

"Elysian!" My mum yelled as I leaned back in my chair holding my head as Elysian turned around and looked at the boys.

"So which one is my dad?" She asked as Luke raised his hand as Elysian turned around. "Seriously? My celebrity crush?" She asked as she shook her head and turned around running up the stairs. The door slammed and I slammed my fists on the table.


"Shut up!" I yelled at ashton. "If you guys never came over, this wouldn't have ever happened! My daughter hates me now! Because you had to come over and see me!" I yelled pointing fingers at them.

"Courtney" My mum sighed.

"You knew I didn't want them over! I told you this could happened and you honestly didn't listen to me! I have to be on a flight in four hours!" I yelled as I groaned running up the stairs.

I opened the door Elysian was sitting on the floor against the bed.

"Leave" she demanded as I closed the door. "Get out!" She screamed as she stood up hitting me.

"Listen to me!" I said as I held her wrists. "Saying those things to me is disrespectful! I know what I did when I was young was wrong! But you know what the outcome of this situation is?" I asked and she looked at me with pure hatred. "You! I had you because of this! And that was the best moment!" I said and her looked softened. "You can't hate me forever just because of my stupid actions baby!" I said looking at her.

"You cheated on Calum!" She said in a whisper.

"I know and I still feel so bad about it. But if I didn't you wouldn't be here!" I said and she nodded.

"Why?" She asked as I sighed.

"He pressured me to sleep with him" I said and she nodded.

"I'm sorry" she said and I nodded.

"I know baby" I said hugging her.

"I'm so sorry" she said. And like this we didn't move from eachothers arms for awhile. "I can't believe my celebrity crush is my dad" she chuckled as she wiped her face.

"I know" I said as she looked up at me, her blue eyes sparkling as the only light from the window and the dim office lamp.

"What I said to you was absolutely horrific" she said after a minute and I nodded.

"Yeah it was" I said. My own daughter, flesh and blood, called me vile names. Names I didn't even hear of when I was her age.

"Are you upset with me for what I've said?" She asked and I nodded.

"I am actually, a lot. Where the hell do you learn those names from?" I asked looking at her.

"A girl at school called her friends them so I guess I searched it up" she shrugged like it was no big deal, just like her father.

"Actually it is a big deal! Those names will not be leaving your mouth any time soon" I said and she rolled her eyes. "I'm serious young lady" I said and she nodded.

"I know" she mumbled

"Then never speak like that again" I said putting my back against the bed.

"Okay! I'm sorry!" She said groaning as I rolled my eyes.

I stared at the ceiling until reality shot me, my dads.

I quickly got up and grabbed our bags as Elysian followed me down the steps with her jacket in tow. I ran into the kitchen to quickly grab the passports and money as I turned to bump into someone taller than me, my instant reflex is cussing them out.

"What where the fuck you're going asshole" I muttered looking up to have my eyes meet Calums. Instantly blushing I back up as he still holds my waist.

"Woah now" he chuckles as he notices two passports. "Where are you going?" He quirks a eyebrow at me.

"I'm going to visit my dad with Elysian. We always go this time of year, when the weather is warm" I said staring at him as he nodded.

"You changed your hair colour again" he smiled, his fingers twirling in my hair.

"I just bleached it" I said as he stepped closer to me, my breath hitching in my throat as his forehead was against mine.

Calum still had ways to make me feel all giggly and like I was walking on air. He knew my weak spots and what made me melt in the palm of his hand, and he certainly is doing that twirling my hair as his forehead lays against mine.

"I know your weaknesses Court" he whispered, his minty breath lingering on my face. I gulped and nodded. "I just don't understand why we aren't trying again" he says and I nodded as his lips brushed mine.

My legs felt wobbly as his hands went from my hair to waist to steady myself. He drew small circles on my hips as he stared into my boring blue eyes. I still loved Calum, and I was pushing him away. We tried to make things work again, but my fear of hurting him got in the way causing me to ignore him for the next couple years. Him constantly trying and my whole internship at the Norwest Christian College (IM SORRY IF THIS INCORRECT NAME OF THE SCHOOL) the school I used to attend with the lads.

"What's on your mind?" He asked tilting my head up as I heard a cough as I stepped away from him. Elysian stood in the door with her arms crossed.

"We'll miss our flight" she said simply as I nodded.

"I'll text you Cal" I said as I quickly grabbed my bags and headed out to the car.

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