Elysian ✩ 5sos

elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


Courtney Winston, a seventeen year old girl who fell in love and hurt the people around her. After breaking up with the love of her life she finds out some dreadful news that she loves but hates. She ends up conceiving a child and doesn't know if it's the love of her life's or his best mate. When she runs into the four Australian boys, will they recognize her? Or will they treat her as a normal crazed fan?

Read Elysian to find out.

© Cuddling With Niall 2014
All Rights Reserved


10. 0.8


Luke and I just laid down in the grass as his arms wrapped around me. Fans surrounding us as they had their phones ready for something interesting.

Luke began to play with my fingers as he smiled, his dimples showing. I laid my head on his chest as I could feel his heart beat.

"Are you hungry?" He asked as we enjoyed the silence and the birds chirping.

"Yeah I am" I answered honestly. We've been laying in the park for almost two hours and I haven't eaten anything all day.

"Let's go get some burgers" he said as he got up holding my hand as he helped me up.

"Take some photos with your fans first" I laughed as he was adjusting his beanie and sunglasses.

"Oh right" he smiled cheekily as he took photos with a few of the fans that surrounded us before linking our fingers together.

"I feel like a groupie" I laughed as my mind decided to speak on its own before I could control it, my face heating up as Luke abruptly stopped.

"How?" He asked smirking as he crossed his arms over his chest as I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Cause, I entered your hotel. I then left the hotel with you" I said biting my lip.

"I don't take my groupies for lunch" he said completely embarrassed about this whole thing.

"You have groupies? Lucifer" I said disappointment written all over my face.

"I had a couple" he mumbles playing with his fingers as he looked down.

"No more" I said linking our fingers again as we made our way to this retro style theme restaurant.

"Calum has more than me" he said as my smile dropped. I quickly replaced it with s smile as we made our way to a booth and ordering our food.

I felt my phone vibrate as I see Ashton is calling me.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone as I heard crying on the other end.

"Courtney! Where the hell are you?" I heard ashton ask frantically.

"I'm out for lunch with Luke. What's wrong ashton?" I asked

"Elysian won't stop crying! Where shouts are you well come quickly" he said in a rush as I heard him grunting, meaning he's trying to put on his shoes. "Michael just carry her to the car and well buckle her up!" Ashton yelled annoyed.

"We are at the retro diner on sixteenth" I sighed as I felt tired again as I ate my fries. Luke looked at me and held my hand.

"On our way!" Ashton said before hanging up as I groaned.

"You okay?" He asked

"Yeah just, I wish I was never pregnant in the first place but then sometimes I just say I love her" I shrugged as I saw three boys run in with a crying baby.

They ran towards us as Michael tried to calm down Elysian. He handed her to me as she saw me she stopped crying. She sniffled as she dug herself into me.

"Hey baby" I said kissing her forehead as I wiped away the tears. "Did they treat you right?" I asked as she shook her head. "What did you guys do?" I asked holding in a laugh as Calum sat beside me. He played with her hair as she began to calm down.

"Michael swore a couple times" Calum shrugged as it was normal.

"Michael!" I whined as mine and Luke's burgers arrived as I handed Elysian to Calum as I began to eat. I finished my burger before Luke as I grabbed Elysian. "What do you want?" I asked the three year old child sitting on my lap playing with a menu.

"Burger, fries, shake" she replied with as I chuckled. I ordered her the kids meal as hers arrived soon.

Ashton handed me a booster seat as I put Elysian in there.

"Why did you guys leave us with a baby?" Michael asked annoyed as I shrugged.

"Luke and I decided to go out for lunch" I said smiling.

"That's not all that happened" smirked ashton as he read over some tweets.

"Oh?" I asked amused.

"A fan posted a video of you guys tackling each other in the park. And oh? Kissing?" Ashton asked as my face heated up as did Luke's as we both looked at our hands.

"You kissed Luke?" I heard Calum ask as I turned my head towards him. A broken expression on his face as he looked between Luke and I.

"Oh shit" Michael said.

"What happened to the bro code?" Calum exclaimed looking at Luke as his eyes went wide at how Calum was acting.

"I-I-uh" he stammered.

"You knew I still loved Courtney and I dated her! You broke the bro code dude what the fuck!" He yelled as all eyes were on us.

"You broke it too!" Luke exclaimed standing up quickly.

"How!" Calum exclaimed.

"I had feelings for her since I was eight and I told you guys that! Then you sweep in and steal her away from me!" Luke yelled as I stared at both of them with wide eyes. Elysian too busy eating her burger to notice.

"You broke her heart Luke!" Calum retorted. "I dated her for a year and a half and all of a sudden I find out my best mate slept with her!" He yelled as I felt tears pool my eyes. Michael and ashton looked at me and shrunk in their seats. "And I find out she didn't give a shit that she cheated on me!" Calum said as his voice broke. I grabbed Elysian laying money down on the table. I handed Elysian to Ashton as he knew I was going to speak.

"I actually did give a shit what happened Calum! I felt so guilty after what happened! I honestly wish I didn't give in and I stood up for myself! But you bringing this all back when I got over it and I thought you did too, it's not fucking worth it! Yeah I kissed Luke in the park and I liked it. He and the other two have been nice to me since you guys hit my car! You're ruining your friendship with them just by holding this grudge! We apologized so many times and I forgave Luke for what happened!" I said as I felt tears start falling freely from my eyes.

"How am I supposed to get over it? I was going to propose to you! I wanted to start a family with you! I wanted to grow old with you! I still fucking love your u Courtney! Everything that happened between us happened for a reason!" He yelled as he had tears fall.

"I still love you also Calum." I said as he looked at me.

"Cause kissing my best mate sure is loving me Courtney!" He said. I dropped my wallet and walked over to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me as I attached our lips together. He seemed taken aback but then kissed me. He put his hands on my waist pulling me closer as our tongues would dance. (Oh my god that was cheesy sorry) I pulled away from him and picked up Elysian.

"I need a DNA test from both you and Luke. Meet me at the hospital in a half hour"

Then I left, I walked out with Ashton and Michael as we went back to the hotel to collect my stuff.

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