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elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


Courtney Winston, a seventeen year old girl who fell in love and hurt the people around her. After breaking up with the love of her life she finds out some dreadful news that she loves but hates. She ends up conceiving a child and doesn't know if it's the love of her life's or his best mate. When she runs into the four Australian boys, will they recognize her? Or will they treat her as a normal crazed fan?

Read Elysian to find out.

© Cuddling With Niall 2014
All Rights Reserved


7. 0.6

~ Courtney ~

I awoke to Elysian jumping on me and smiling as she kept repeating 'good morning'. I grabbed her waist and put her against the bed as I tickled her.

"Mummy stop" she giggled as she squirmed beneath me.

"You woke me up princess" I said giggling at the gorgeous little girl in front of me.

"Someone is here" she laughed as I stopped abruptly. I picked her up and carried her to the corner of the room and grabbing a bat. "Mumma?" She asked wanting to follow me.

"Stay here" I demanded and quietly walked to the stairs where I heard someone in my kitchen. Quietly walking down the stairs I made my way to the kitchen and peaked my head in as I saw a tall boy going through my cupboards. I hid behind the wall and heard him walking out and he stopped putting his hands up.

"Woah Courts" he said as I looked at the tall boy, Michael.

"Jesus Christ's Michael" I said putting the bat down. "Princess you can come out" I yelled and saw Elysian running down the stairs and to the tall boy.

"Hey cutie" he gushed as the little girl layed her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I cleaned up his mess in the kitchen.

"Can't I come visit my two favourite girls?" He asked offended as I turned to him.

"You came here because the boys wouldn't take you to get food. Am I right?" I asked hands on my hips as I stared at him smiling.

"Maybe" he said kissing the little girls head.

"Is this daddy?" She asked me as Michael looks at me surprised.

"No that's not dad baby" I sighed as I grabbed the kettle and boiled some water then grabbing the Cheerios as I grabbed the high seat and set it up as I placed the bowl of Cheerios and a sippy cup filled with milk on the table as I put her in the chair buckling her in. Once I placed her food she began to chew on it.

"So Courtney" Michael said as we sat at the counter. He stared at me intently. "Are you okay?" He asked me as I looked at him and shrugged

"I've been absolutely better than I feel right now" I said as he nodded holding my hand and I looked at him.

"We love you Courts" he said as I nodded

"I know" I said blankly as he smiled at me. I looked at my baby girl. "Sometimes I wish I didn't get pregnant and I didn't sleep with Luke. I wish that I didn't hurt Calum as much as I did" I sighed as I let tears fall silently. "But then I realized I wouldn't be the person I am today, I wouldn't have ended up with a beautiful baby girl" I said as Michael looked at me. He looked broken.

"Courtney" he said but I shook my head.

"Then sometimes I wished I never went back to Sydney after living with my father, cause if I didn't go back I would be on the Olympic team." I said wiping my eyes. "But I figured that this was the best for me and my parents wanted that. I haven't seen my mum in a couple years, she keeps phoning and my dad tells her I'm fine. I'm not fine Mikey. I'm scared to face my mum but I have to soon." I said as he nodded.

"Courtney, you helped us also. You gave us inspiration for songs, you gave Calum and Luke inspiration. We wouldn't have a big hit if it wasn't for you. Courtney we love you" Michael said as I walked over to him and hugged him.

"I love you too" I said as he picked me up so I was sitting on his lap. "I'm ready to face the boys" I said as he looked at me.

"Are you sure?" He asked as I nodded.

"I'm positive." I smiled as he did too.

"Okay then you go get ready and I'll get Elysian ready" he said smiling as he picked up the child.

"Should I trust you?" I laughed as he nodded. I shrugged as I made my way to the washroom showering. Putting on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a flannel I put a beanie on and put on my converse

Two years ago.

"Calum stop it!" I laughed as he threw me over his shoulder as he carried me up the stairs and laughed as I hit his back.

He throws me on the bed as he leans over me as I outline my name in a arrow heart as he throws my ripped skinny jeans off of me.

"I've got your name tattooed in a arrow heart and I know now, that I'm so down." He sang as he mumbled the rest kissing from my collar bone down. "I made a mixtape tape straight out of '94 I got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor" he sang as I placed my hands in his hair. "You look so perfect" he said as I smiled

Present day.

I shake that memory out of my mind as that song became a hit. It was about me and I love him. He made me happy and I ruined him and me.

"You ready?" Michael asked stepping inside my room and I nodded. Elysian ran towards me as I noticed her outfit.

Dark blue skinny jeans with her hoodie that was a size too big as her small combat boots were placed on her feet as her hair was in a pony tail. I picked her up and smiled.

"Thanks Mikey" I smiled as he nodded as I grabbed everything and made it to his vehicle.

"I'm thinking about moving back to Sydney" I said as he looked at me.

"Are you sure?" He asked as I nodded.

"Yeah I mean I want her to grow up where I know it best and figured she should live there" I shrugged as Michael nodded.

"I'm glad you're trying to be happy Courtney" he said

I smiled at him and nodded, "So am I".

We parked outside the hotel and quickly made our way inside. Elysian on my hip as we made it passed the paps without being noticed. He pushed the up button as we got onto the elevator and up we went. The doors flew open as we followed Michael to this room as we walked in to a movie being played.

Ashton and Luke were sitting close to each other as Calum was sitting in a chair by himself on his phone texting.

"I'm back" Michael said as he sat on. The two seater and I sat bedside him as Elysian ran up to Calum.

"Why didn't you stay the night?" She asked as Calums eyes diverted from his phone to the three year old girl in front of him.

"Hey baby girl" he said smiling as he picked her up.

"Considering you don't know who the father is, she seems to be cozying up to him like he is one" Michael whispered as I nodded.

"I need a DNA test" I sighed as ashton kissed my forehead.

"You okay?" He asked and I nodded.

"I'm alright" I laughed as he grabbed my hand and had me snuggled against him in between him and Luke. Luke looked over and smiled at me and I smiled back. "Doesn't your friend since birth get a hug?" I asked holding my arms out as he glowed and tackled me in a hug. I felt him shake and I rubbed his back. "It's okay" I said calmly as he sniffled

"I thought I lost you. I'm so sorry I didn't want this to happen. Please don't leave I'm so sorry. I've been the shittiest person ever to you and I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry" he cried as I sat up and cradled him.

"Luke it's okay please stop crying" I said and he nodded as he still hugged me. It was nice. I needed Luke to apologize for whatever he's done.

"I can't sleep anymore because I didn't know if you hated me" he sniffled as I wiped his glossy blue eyes.

"I can never hate you Luke. You're still my best mate no matter what you've done. I can never hate you cause you didn't do it intentionally. Stops crying please" I said smiling at him as he nodded bringing me into him so he could cuddle me.

I just had to get Calum and then have them both have a heart to heart. This won't be easy.

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