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elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


Courtney Winston, a seventeen year old girl who fell in love and hurt the people around her. After breaking up with the love of her life she finds out some dreadful news that she loves but hates. She ends up conceiving a child and doesn't know if it's the love of her life's or his best mate. When she runs into the four Australian boys, will they recognize her? Or will they treat her as a normal crazed fan?

Read Elysian to find out.

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Ashton's POV:

As I see Courtney rubbing away from us I feel flustered. We had her again and Calum had to ruin it.

"Why the fuck did she call you Ashie?" Calum asked as I flipped him off and faced Michael.

"We need to get her back. She can't leave again" I told Michael and he nodded.

"What the hell is going on?" Luke asked confused and angry.

"You guys are retards for not recognizing her!" Michael exclaimed as Luke and Calum looked confused

"What do you mean?" Calum asked

"Hm she basically described your relationship with Courtney and what happened so don't give me that shit" I said getting annoyed.

Because if what happened three years ago we have been fighting constantly and when Courtney showed up we were happy.

"So what?" Calum asked

"You're such an idiot" Michael groaned as Luke open and closed his mouth.

"Was that?" He asked and I nodded as he held his head in his hands.

"Someone explain what the hell is going on!" Calum yelled as I looked at him.

"What do you think is going on? She grew up in Sydney. Moved to Canada then back to Sydney. Didn't Courtney do that? She drunk drive home and cheated on her ex with his best mate and her ex. Didn't Courtney do that?" I asked annoyed as Calum was processing this. "Didn't she look like Courtney?" I asked again and sat back in my seat. "And you crushed her" I said

"Courtney cheated on me!" Calum said as he began to break down. "My so called best mate pressured her and I had to kick her out! Do you think I feel good about hurting the one I love? She did tell me right away and I'm happy about that but i still don't get why she did that" Calum cried as my facial features softened.

"Calum I told you I was sorry so many times. I miss my best mate" Luke said holding back his sobs. "I couldn't help myself. Seeing you with my best mate how she is happy and then her getting into that accident hurt me and I need her. I know I was a shit friend but please forgive me! It's been three years cal!" Luke cried as I sat closer to Michael for whatever would happen.

"I know Luke" Calum said and he nodded. "But what Courtney has done I've had enough no matter how much I love her" Calum said and I nodded

"But either way she's gone again" I said and Calum nodded.

"What does Elysian mean?" Calum asked as I got my phone out typing it in.

"Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect" I read as they nodded.

"Does she actually still love me?" Calum asked and I looked up slightly smiling.

"I wouldn't know after what you just said to her." I said sadly as Calum nodded.

"I do love her still" Calum said as he dug in his pocket and pulled out a box and opened it to a diamond ring. "I miss her" Calum said and I nodded

"Call her" I said and he looked at me.

"I can't" he said shaking his head

"Phone her now Calum" I said and he sighed.


Courtney's POV:

I had just arrived back at my flat when I set Elysian down and she began running around the house.

I felt my phone vibrate as I answered it without checking the caller I.D.

"Hello?" I asked as I took my coat off.

"Courtney?" I heard Calums voice as I paused.

"Calum?" I asked shocked

"Can we talk?" He asked nervously as I looked at the clock.

"Where?" I asked as I picked up Elysian.

"Your place?" He asked and I sighed.

"Why should we talk?" I asked as I walked upstairs to Elysian's room and grabbing her Ariel pyjama shorts and matching shirt.

"Please Courtney" he begged.

"Fine. I'll text you my address then well talk. But if you begin to yell at me, you're out" I warned as I heard him mumble an okay before hanging up. I texted the address to Ashton's phone as I put Elysian in her Jammie's and looked at her. "Stay in your room while I quickly shower" I said and she nodded as I walked to the bathroom and showered.

After my shower I grabbed my sweats and Nirvana shirt as I put my hair into a bun. I picked Elysian up and brought her downstairs and to her play area as I walked to the kitchen making tea. Hearing a knock on the door Elysian ran to the door and opened it a bit and opened it wide as she ran back to me.

"Babe you can't just leave the door open. Plus yell stranger if it's a stranger" I said as she nodded as I saw who was sitting on my couch.

"Calum" I said as I looked at Elysian. "Go play some more, I need to talk to him" I said and she nodded running away her little feet dragging on the carpet floors.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the tea as I sat beside Calum.

"So" Calum started as I nodded. "How are you?" He asked. Is he fucking serious?

"Honestly?" I asked and he nodded. "I feel like complete shit and feel like it too. What about you Calum?" I asked sipping my tea.

"About the same" he replied as I nodded.

"Yeah you have girls falling at your feet while I have to support myself and a two and a half year old little girl who looks like my ex and his best mate." I said looking at him. "Get pregnant at seventeen and give birth at seventeen. Actually pregnant at sixteen sorry" I said as I looked at him.

"What's her name?" He asked.

"Elysian Cadence Winston" I said.

"That a beautiful name" he commented and I nodded. "Do you know who's daughter she is?" He asked

"No" I replied

"No? What do you mean no?" He asked

"I slept with two boys exactly a day apart." I said

"So?" He asked confused

"I'm sorry that my daughter looks like the people I was in love with."


Crappy ending oops. But I'm going to bed since it's almost 1am haha

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