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6. Zayn ( for Lexi )

 Lexi's P.O.V.


I walked down the fruit aisle.

Hmm, well I got the grapes, bananas, oranges....Hmmm what am I forgetting? Oh apples! Right!

I looked around finding where the apples were.

I took one and smelled it. Perfect. 

I took a bag and started picking the apples out.

I reached for one at the bottom and *BAM* the whole container fell open and apples went EVERYWHERE!

People turned to stare. I blushed and got on my knees and started picking the apples up.

"Let me help," a boy, with a British, accent said.

I looked up. Sure enough it was him. The boy of my dreams....

Zayn. Freaking. Malik.

I bit my lip and tried to find something to say.

" I'm always so clumsy," I finally said.

"Don't say that," he said, looking up his soft brown eyes looking straight into mine.

"But it's true," I said.

"Accidents happen. Even for me," he smiled.

I nodded and kept picking the apples up.

After we got all of them back on the shelf the manager of the store came to me.

"Do you know how much this will cost me?," he said, quite loudly.

"I'm sorry," I said, looking down.

"How much will it be?," Zayn asked.

"No, Zayn please," I said, touching his hand.

He looked down at the sudden contact of our skin. I took my hand away.

"I can pay myself," I said.

"Nonsense! I'll do it," he said, taking his wallet out.

"That'll be one hundred bucks," the manager dude said.

One hundred!?

Zayn pulled out the money and gave it to the manager, who took it and went away.

"I don't know how to thank you," I said, looking down at my basket.

"Hey," he said, walking closer to me," It's nothing really. What's your name by the way?"

"Alex or Lexi," I said blushing.

"Well, Lexi, it's okay don't worry," he said.

"But you-"

"Shh," he said, putting a finger up to my lips.

I bit my lip again. 

"Zayn? You coming?," one big guy asked walking up to us. I assume it was his bodyguard.

"Yeah., can I have your number?," he asked, turning back to me.

"Uh yeah, sure," I answered.

He gave me his phone and I put my number in.

"Well see you soon, Lexi," Zayn said, walking away.

"Y-yeah...," I said and did a little wave.

Wait what!?





I was getting ready for bed, when my phone buzzed.


"Hi there! :)" -Zayn


Okay Lexi, keep it cool. Deep breath.


"Hiii :)" -Lexi

"So, how are things? Making more messes eh? ;)" -Zayn

"No, just getting ready for bed." -Lexi

"Ahh, I I was wondering....if I could steal you for lunch tomorrow?" -Zayn


Okay Lexi, keep it cool, keep it cool....Zayn just asked you to lunch....


"Yes, I'm free tomorrow for lunch." -Lexi

"Wonderful! I was thinking lunch and a stroll in the does that sound to you?" -Zayn

"Like a dream..." -Lexi

"Then I'll take that as a yes ;)" -Zayn

"Yeah..." -Lexi

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow. But wait....I don't know where you live..." -Zayn

I sent him my address.

"Super! I'll see you then :)" -Zayn

"Yes, well goodnight :)" -Lexi

"Goodnight Lexi :)" -Zayn


I turned my phone off and starred at my ceiling.

What the heck just literally happened!?





I paced my room the next morning. What should I wear? A stroll in the park. So a dress? Or will that be too elegant? But it's warm, cause it's summer.

I picked out a ( your-favorite-color) sundress out and matching shoes.

I let my long black hair down.

There, perfect. 

I decided to wait downstairs.

I sat down on the couch and starred blankly at the dark TV.

The sound of the doorbell jolted me up.

I checked myself in the mirror, and fixed my hair a bit. Grabbing my hand-bag, I opened the door.

Zayn was wearing a white shirt with a jean jacket, darker jeans, and white sneakers.

"Hi look....amazing," Zayn said, looking me up and down.

I blushed like crazy.

"Your hair is so beautiful...," he said.

"Thank you," I said, peaking up to look into his soft brown eyes.

He smiled and stood there for a while, starring at me. I cleared my throat.

"Oh yes...we have somewhere to go, don't we?," he smiled, giving me his hand.

I nodded and took it.

He lead me to his car and opened the door for me. I thanked him and got in.

He got in himself and we drove off to the restaurant.

Wait, were we going to a restaurant? 

I blinked a couple of times as Zayn parked the car, by the lake, at the park.

"I thought we were getting food first and then taking a stroll," I said.

Zayn looked at me, his eyes hiding a secret.

"I packed lunch. Thought we might have a little picnic together," he smiled.

"That's...wonderful," I said. 

He smiled wider, and got out, running over to open my door.

"Thank you," I said, and took a step, but my foot slipped, and I fell. 

Luckily, Zayn quickly let the door go, and caught me.

"Woah there," he chuckled.

I blushed.

"Told you I was clumsy," I said.

Zayn helped me back to my feet, one of his hands resting on my hip.

"You're not clumsy, please don't call yourself that. It offends me," he said.

I blushed deeper and nodded, looking down.

Zayn put his finger under my chin and lifted my head up so he was looking into my eyes.

My heart pounded.

He looked at my lips and back at my eyes, and back again at my lips and my eyes.

"I'll get the food basket," he said softly and let me go.

I gulped and took a deep breath.

He got the food out of the back and took my hand in his. He locked the car and lead me over to a spot by the lake.

"Beautiful isn't it?," he asked.

I looked at the lake, the sun rays glittering on the waves.

"Yeah....," I said.

Zayn spread out a blanket and put the basket in the middle.

We enjoyed our meal in silence, until I broke it.

"Did you make this food?," I asked.

"Yes," he smiled.

"It's so good!," I said.

"I'm glad you like it," he said.

We finished up and we laid down on the blanket starring at the clouds, and taking in the sun. Zayn took his jacket off and threw it onto the picnic basket. I bit my lip. He most of have been to the gym more then once. His biceps were....big.

Zayn chuckled as he caught me starring.

"Sorry," I said.

He prompted himself on his elbow, turning to face me.

"Why are you so cute and beautiful?," he asked.

"I don't know......," I said, a little shocked at what he said.

He kept starring at me.

I blushed hard.

He leaned in a little bit.

I gulped, my heart pounding a bit.

"You don't know you're beautiful," he whispered, and leaned in all the way, closing the gap between us.




He pulled away a short time later, but I kept my eyes closed. He cupped my face and traced his finger over my lips.

"So shall we take a walk?," he asked, softly.

I nodded and opened my eyes, to see his sparkling ones.






~ Two Years Later~


"Zayn!," I giggled as he lead me somewhere. I was blindfolded, and he was taking me somewhere as a 'surprise'.

"Okay one step left" he said.

I took one step left.

"There, now you can take it off," he said.

I snatched the blindfold off, and saw a sunset, on the lake. The lake were we had our first date.

"Zayn it's-..."    Somtehing caught my eye.

I looked down. 

There with rose petals, written in the sand were the words:


"Will You Marry Me?"


I turned around to see Zayn on one knee in the sand, a beautiful ring in his hand.

Tears brimmed my eyes.

"YES! A thousand times YES!," I said.

He put the ring on my shaking left hand and stood up, sweeping me off my feet hugging me tightly.

He pulled away to kiss me, with passion and love.

"If I didn't help you that day at the supermarket....," he said.

I laughed.

"I love you Lexi," he said.

"I love you too Zayn," I said.

He kissed me again.






Heyy! I hope you like the story Alex/Lexi ;) It took me a while to think of what to write, but I finally finished it.


Comment what you think...

Good, bad, aweful, wonderful, super, amazing....I'd love to hear what you think :)

All the love <3 


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