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28. Track Run (for Alexus)


Alexus P.O.V.


I was hanging out in my room with my best friend (your/best/friends/name).

"So are you ready for todays track run?," she asked.

"Yes! I can hardly wait. Still got four hours to kill though," I answered.

"Mhmm. Did you hear that Niall Horan is in our town?," she said.

"Really?!," I said.

"Yep, I tweeted to him that you have a game today and he should come. I tagged you in it," she said.

I quickly got my phone out and check my notifications.

I saw the tweeted that she tagged me in.

"He won't see it," I said.

"Ehh, who knows?," she smiled, getting up.

"Are you leaving already?," I asked.

"Yeah, sorry girl. I'll see you at the school," she said.

"Okay, bye," I said, as she left.

Now, time to get ready.




I was running in place waiting for the run to start. 

"Miss Alexus?," my couch said.

"Yes couch?," I asked.

"Someone's here to see you," he said.

"Okay," I said, and stopped running.

"So I heard you have a track run today, your friend tweeted at me," Niall Horan said walking into the room.

I stood there frozen.

"Hello," he asked, walking closer waving his hand in my face, chuckling.

"H-Hi," I got out of me.

"Niall Horan," he said, giving me his hand.

"Alexus," I said, shaking his hand.

He smiled and pulled me into his chest.

"Sorry, I like giving hugs. Especially to girls who are gonna run the 4 times 4 track," he said, hugging me.

I couldn't say anything.

"You okay?," he asked, pulling away and looking me in the eyes.

"Y-yeah, just a little....surprised," I said nervously.

"Awe, it's just me," he smiled.

"Yeah, just you."

He chuckled.

"Alexus! Time to go....woah," my friend said walking into the room.

"Are you the girl that tweeted me?," Niall asked her.

" saw it?," she asked.

"Well obviously," I said.

Niall laughed.

"Oh my gosh, hi," she said.

"Nice to meet you," Niall said, hugging her too.

"Are you gonna be watching the run?," she asked.

"Indeed, I am," he smiled.

"Way to put the pressure on us," I mumbled.

Niall lifted an eyebrow.

"I'm joking, I'm joking," I laughed. 

"So, I'll see you after the run then," he said.

"If you want," I blushed a bit.

He nodded, and left.

"Oh my gosh," my friend whispered-yelled.

"I love you," I said and hugged her.

She laughed and we went out to the field.




After the run, which I got first place in, I went to change into my normal clothes.

And luckily I brought my sundress along, because there would be a special dinner for the track people, so I wanted to look nice, but I wouldn't stay long cause well, Niall Horan wants to hang out. I did my make-up and let my hair down. Perfect.

I went out of the dressing room, to find him waiting for me.

"Alexus?," he asked.

"Yes," I smiled.

"Wow...I almost didn't recognize you," he smiled too.

"A different dress, some make-up, different hairstyle....guess I do look a little different," I said.

He smiled even bigger.

"You don't make-up to cover up," he winked.

I blushed.

"So can I asked you out, on a walk?," he asked.

"Actually I have a track dinner meet, but I'll only be a little bit there. You can come along unless...-"

"Of course, can I escort you there?," he asked, giving  me his arm.

I giggled and linked arms with him.

" there'll be food?," he asked.

"Yes," I smiled.

"Are you hungry?," he asked.

"A little," I said.

He nodded and I led him to the gym room, which was decorated and had tables in it.

They were serving pizza, spaghetti, and make-your-own taco's, along with a bunch of desserts. 

"Do you always have dinners like this?," Niall asked.

"No, it's only because today was the last track run of the year," I said.

"Ohhhh," he said and made his way to the make-your-own taco's.

I got a pizza and a cupcake.

Niall and I sat down together and ate our food. A couple of people came and congratulated me on the run and on my whole year.

"You're pretty famous here," Niall smiled.

"I guess you can say that. Some people dislike me," I said.

"There will always be the kinds that are jealous and dislike people because of their success," Niall said.

"I know. Does it happen to you a lot?," I asked.

He nodded.

"There are people who send death treats to my family," he sighed.

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said.

"But I never let them drag me down," he said.

I smiled.

"So wanna go take that walk?," I asked.

"Yes, I just want one more cupcake," he said.

I giggled, as he went to get one.




Niall and I took a long walk together and it turned out we had a lot in common. He made me laugh and I made him laugh, it was just so nice to be with him.

We finally reached my house at around eleven'o'clock.

"Thank you for an amazing night," I said, looking up to meet his eyes.

"It is I who thank you," he smiled.

I turned around to go to my front porch.

Niall grabbed my hand.

"Will I see you again?," he asked.

"Only if you want to," I said.

He pulled me closer to him.

" 'Course I do," he whispered.

I bit my lip.

"Alexus?," my mom said, walking out.

Niall let me go.

"Hi mom, sorry that I'm home so late. I was spending time with Niall," I said.

"Niall!?," she asked.

Niall chuckled.

"Niall Horan," he said, taking my moms hand and kissing it.

Mom smiled.

"I hope you had fun together," she said.

"Indeed we did," Niall said, looking at me.

I looked at him too.

"Well goodnight Alexus. I hope to see you soon," he said, and hugged me tightly.

"Goodnight," I whispered.

He let me go and made his way down the street.

I went inside and walked up to my room.

What a day!





It's been three weeks and Niall hasn't called, texted, or tweeted anything.

It was a Sunday evening and summer already had begun.

I was heading out for a run around my neighborhood.

I put my headphones in and started with a small jog.

After a while a Range Rover pulled up right in front of me, and out jumped a blonde boy.

I stopped and looked at him as he turned around.

"Niall!?," I asked.

"Alexus!," he said, running to me and picking me up, hugging me tightly.

"Hi Niall," I said.

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

"I need to tell you something Alexus. Every single day I'm thinking of you. I keep having dreams about you. I miss you. I don't know why but I just can't forget about you. I had to go back home to Ireland, because my family wanted me to be there. I forgot to ask for your number and I didn't remember your friends Twitter, I'm sorry for not talking to you in so long, but Alexus darling, I think I fell for you. And please say yes when I ask you this...will you be my girlfriend?," he asked.

"Niall....yes. YES!," I said.

He pulled me into a big hug, then pulled away and slowly and gently leaned in and kissed me.

"I should of kissed you that night....but your mom was there, so it was quite awkward," he said, after we pulled away.

"It's okay...," I said, and pulled him in again, reconnecting our lips together.

He smiled.

There's nothing that could make me happier now.






Hi Alexus! I'm sooooooo sorry for taking so long to make your imagine, but I thank you for the patience. I really hope you like it :) Comment below what you think of it. 

Love you TONS xoxo

"All the love" 

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