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7. Starbucks (for Melanie)

Sorry for the long wait...but here it is. For Melanie..:


Melanie's P.O.V.

"Next please," I said, looking at the long line of people.

Starbucks was always busy around lunch hour.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw five boys approach the ordering counter. Without looking up I repeated the sentence I use so very often.

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks. Can I take your order?," I asked.

"Yes, I'll have your number please."

I looked up and there they stood. All five boy: Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, and a smirking Harry.

Zayn smacked Harry on the back.

"Ow! What was that for?," Harry complained.

"Stop with the flirting will you?," Liam said.

I cleared my throat and looked down, blushing, my black hair covering up my face.

"Love, I'll have a vanilla latte please," Liam said. Love. I blushed more.

"And you?," I asked Niall.

"Do you have anything Irish?," he asked. I thought it was a joke at first, but his face was dead serious.

"We have Irish Cream Tea," I said.

"Then I'll take it," he smiled.

"Okay and you?," I asked Harry.

"Vanilla latte, with a shot of caramel," he said.

"Mhmm, and you?," I asked Louis.

"Just a normal mocha frappe, with double shots of chocolate," he answered.

 "And you?," I asked Zayn.

He looked at me for a minute.

"What would you offer for me to try?," he asked.

"Um, the peppermint mocha on ice," I said.

"Then I'll take that!," he smiled.

I put everything into the computer system.

"$40.50," I said.

Zayn paid for everyone.

"Yout drinks will be ready soon," I said.

"Thank you, love," Liam said.

I bit my lip and did a slight nod.

"She's cute," Zatn whispered to Liam, as the walked away

I blushed even more.

"Indeed," Zayn agreed, turning around to look at me, giving me a small wink.



The next day at around one, I got an interesting drive-thru order...

"I'll have a vanilla latte," said an 'oh-so-familiar' Liam voice.

"Okay, will that be all?," I asked.

"Yeah," he said. I could tell he was smiling.

"$3.34, at the next window," I said.

He pulled put to the window in a BMW.

"Why hello there Mr. Payne," I said.

"Hi! Long time no see," he smiled, handing me his credit card.

"Yes," I laughed a bit, and took his card.

While scanning it, I noticed a paper attached to it. 

His phone number.

I took the note off and gave him the card back.

"Have a wonderful day," I said.

"You too." He winked and drove to the next window.

I sighed.


~ one hour later ~


"Melanie, please go check on table two," chef said.

"Yes, sir," I said, and went over to the table.

I was shocked to see who it was

"Hi," Zayn said.

"H-Hi," I said. I don't know why, but I was more shy talking to him then to Liam.

"Can you sit down for a sec?," he asked.

"Sure," I said, sitting across from him.

"What is your name dear?," he asked, looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

"Me-Melanie," I said.

"That's such a pretty name Melanie," he smiled.

He reached over to touch my hand. I looked at it.

"Melanie, when do you finish work?," he asked.

"At five," I said.

He looked at his watch.

"Three more hours. So...are you busy tonight?," he asked.

"N-no," I said.

"Then do me the favor of coming with me to a special restaurant?," he asked.

"I....I....I....y-yeah," I stuttered.

"Thank you," he smiled and kissed my hand.

"MELANIE!," I heard chef yell.

"I got to go," I said, getting up.

I looked around quickly, and took my notepad out, scribbling down my number.

"Uh..bye," I said, and ran to the place where my chef was waiting impatiently.

So...Liam gave me his number, and now Zayn asked me out...what!!??




"Thank you, it's been a wonderful night," I said, as we approached my doorsteps.

"No, thank you for coming," he said, placing a hand on my waist.

His eyes sparkled as they kept looking from my lips to my eyes, wondering if he dared to.

I gave him a small nod, and he leaned in, closing the gap between us.

He pulled away short time later.

"Goodnight," he whispered, and kissed my forehead, letting go of my waist.

"Goodnight," I repeated, still in a daze.

I went inside and went up to bed.

What a day!



"You didn't call me," Liam wined as I gave him his credit card back.

"I was uh, busy last night," I said.

"Would it be okay if I come over today, after you finished work?," he asked.

"Um...sure?," I said.

"Super! Just text me the address, okay?," he winked.

"Okay," I said.


~ later on that day ~


The doorbell rang and I ran to get it.

"Hellloooo!," Liam said, giving me a bouquet of flowers.

"Liam, you shouldn't have!," I blushed.

"Oh but I did!," he smiled.

I heard my phone ringing upstairs.

"Give me one sec," I said, running upstairs.

Zayn. Dang it!

"Hi," I said, answering it.

"Hello beautiful, mind if I stop by and see you today?," he asked.

"Uh...I actually have a guest today..," I said.

"Oh really? Who's this guest?," he asked.


"MELANIEEEEE!!!!," Liam said walking into the room.

"Liam? Is that him?," Zayn asked.

"Uh yeah," I said.

"Oh," he sounded disappointed.

I gulped. 

"You can...come by and we can all spend some time together," I said.

"That'd be great!," Zayn said.

"Okay," I smiled.

"See you soon," he said, and hung up.

"But I thought you weren't having company," Liam said.

"Oh yeah. Zayn's just coming over," I said.

Liam groaned.

I gave him a confused look.

He came over and put his hands on my waist.

"Who needs Zayn?," he said, touching our noses together.

I bit my lip.

Liam closed the gap between us, giving me a, not-ready-for-it, kiss.

I didn't do anything, but my lips kissed back.

There was a knock downstairs.

I pushed Liam away, but he didn't let go.

"Melanie, the door was open so I-.."

Liam and I looked at Zayn.

His face was disappointed.

"Zayn, this is not what you think," I said.

He looked down at his shoes.

"Liam and I aren't together....this just happened," I said, throwing my hand up in the air.

"What? I thought you liked me!," Liam said, disappointed now.

"Zayn asked me out yesterday....," I told him.

"AFTER I gave you my phone number to obviously call me," Liam said.

"Please...I don't want to fight," I begged.

This is not what I wanted! Not at all!

"Melanie...who do you want? Zayn or me?," Liam asked.

"Zayn..," I whispered.

"Oh," Liam said, disappointed.

Zayn cleared his throat.

"So what should we all do together?," he asked.

"I'm leaving," Liam said.

"Liam no!," I begged.

He looked at me with sad eyes.

"I thought I had a chance with you," he said, sorrow in his voice.

"Liam, I love and always have loved Zayn...he's my favorite of the band," I said.

He sighed.

Zayn came and took me in for a hug.

Liam just looked at us.


I blinked as they both hugged. Zayn chuckled.

I smiled and blushed.

Whew, was I glad that was over....

"So let's go watch a movie," Liam said.

"Okay," Zayn agreed.



Half way through the movie, Zayn leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Will you be my girlfriend?," he asked.

I looked into his beautiful brown eyes. He looked a bit worried.

"Yes Zayn, yes," I smiled.

He kissed me and hugged me tightly.

Zayn Malik from One boyfriend.




I know it took me 8000000 years, forgive me. I really hope you like it. Comment please.

All the love xox

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