Society vs me

This story is basically about a young teenage 'mutant' that is commanded to save the human race in her words known as the monsters


3. A Way Out

The room was dark and musty. I don't remember much. All I Remember was, Caleb, an ally and...him. I try to see something. anything. where had he brought me. Wait, where's Caleb. "CALEB! Where are you?" 

"I'm here. who is it?"

Yup that's Caleb all right. Still the stupidest of them all. 

"It's me you idiot. Ella."

"Oh thank god! Ella where are you?"

"I don't know! How would I know! God I barley remember what happened. Plus stupid where ever we are it is pitch black!"

"Well just keep talking and maybe I can follow your voice."

"Oh that won't be necessary."

I flip my head into the blanketing blackness.That voice was not Caleb's Nor Mine. The footsteps grew. I pulled on the chains that I was attached to. "Who are you?!"

"See that is merely part of the allusion. You are in a  dark room with a strange person-" his voice trailed off.

Then it donged on me. He said person. He's one of them. He's the monsters! I tugged on my chains more and more. 

"There's no use in struggling. Those chains can hold back anything including Aliens."

"YOU'RE THE ALIEN!" I screamed at him. but my voice only bounced of the blackened space. "WHERE ARE YOU YOU SCUM!" A hand touched my shoulder. I tried to wriggle out of the grasp. 

"Ella it's fine. It's me Caleb."

"Caleb I thought you were chained up? and where did that piece of scum go?" 

"I'm just like him, remember. I'm virtually harmless."

He was right. Even though all the monsters were harmful, Caleb wasn't. Now i'm not going to tell you exactly how we met all I'm going to tell you is that he hated the other monsters just as much as me so we went together to save the monsters from their inner demons.

"What does he want with me?" For the first time in my life I was more scared than angry.

"Honestly I don't know but I won't let him hurt you. After all we're a team."

"I think you already failed at the first part after all I'm in CHAINS!"
"Oh right I'll try and get you out." He pulled on the chains and if my hands weren't in the chains I would've slapped him.

"Hey stupid didn't you hear him! the chains are almost indestructible!" 

"I know I'm trying to pick the lock. Hey do you have a pin or something!?"

"No need for that." The light blinded me and Caleb fell backwards."The boss will see you now."

Even though I couldn't see very well I recognized the voice from earlier. Finally my vision came into focus. Just in time to see a scrawny man reaching for my chains. He took a key out of his pocket and unlocked my feet then my arms. he took my by my arm and dragged me and Caleb out of the room and up a long stairwell. Threw many twisted corridors and into a large room. There wasn't much other than a long table and at the end of the long table there was-

"GABRIELLE!" I screamed.

The young man at the end of the tables eyes went wide."ELLA!" He looked at the man holding me. "You didn't tell me that the monster you grabbed was Ella."

The man holding me looked at me and then at Gabrielle. "well sir I didn't think you knew this monster."

"I DON'T CARE!" yelled Gabrielle. "Let her go."

The man loosened his grip. But I didn't run. Not without Caleb. I was about to bring up Caleb but the scrawny man beat me to it. "what do you want me to do with the human?"

Gabrielle looked at me as if to ask what to do. I only nodded back.

"Release him to. And leave" Gabrielle boomed at the scrawny man.

The man let go of Caleb's arm and Caleb rushed to my side.

"Ella why are you here?"

"Because you got someone to bring me here. duh."

"I didn't mean here here I meant Why are you at this place?"
"None of your business."

"Not to be rude but who are you-" Caleb began to say to Gabrielle But Gabrielle cut him off.

"Shut up you stupid human!"

"Uh excuse me Caleb just happens to be my partner, so you can just shut up!"

"I wouldn't be telling me to shut up considering that I just saved you."

"You didn't save me I would've saved my self!" I started to walk towards him but Caleb sensed what I was going to do and grabbed my arm. 

Gabrielle smiled his sly smile. "To answer your stupid question you weak human. I know Ella because-"

" Ella and me were brother and sister."

"Oh I see..... Wait, were?" 

"Yes we were."

"Aren't you still today?"

"Ella, you didn't tell him? what a shame."

"Ella?" Caleb turned towards me.

"I'm sorry for not telling you this but I didn't think it mattered. When me and my brother were little we used to be best friends but as we grew old we both had different intentions. I wanted to stop the human monsters and he well he.... wanted to rule the human monsters and destroy our kind. He has attempted to kill me many times. And then he did."

"Wait WHAT?!"
"I was human once. At least I thought I was. It turns out I'm an immortal. My family has no clue I'm alive. Only you and Gabrielle know. At that's all I ever want to know."

"But why?"

"Because I'm dangerous. Very dangerous." 





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