Throughout My Day on PSN

How I feel after a day on my PS3. Feel free to add me! PixieKiss72... if you don't akready know. Just say your from movellas. I mostly play the Sims, Portal, Minecraft, CoD, or LBP (1, 2, or K)


3. Noon

Not relaxed.

I'm on LBP2. 

I have about 15 friends on. They go offline and online.

I'm derpy, willing to rage, and I might be crazy.

I'll just fill this out (V) when I feel like it.

7/15/14: With Jordan. Saddle comes and goes. Derpy. (ikikkmmmmmmkkk <--- WUT. I petting my cat. She scratched me. I'm now bleeding.) Acting like a zamby. Noming on his arm and ears .3. <3

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