Throughout My Day on PSN

How I feel after a day on my PS3. Feel free to add me! PixieKiss72... if you don't akready know. Just say your from movellas. I mostly play the Sims, Portal, Minecraft, CoD, or LBP (1, 2, or K)


2. Around 10:00

I'm still relaxed.

I'm playing LBP2 or Minecraft with friend(s).

I have about 5-10 friends on. Its normally the same ones everyday on around the same time.

I'm derpy and not willimg to rage. I'm also not normally crazy.

I'll just fill this out (V) when I feel like it.

7/15/14: With Jordan and Saddle on LBP2. Derpy. Flying around on a snowman.

7/16/4: Raging. In a chat with Saddle. Playing Portal 2.

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