Teenage runaway

Life was fine for jade, until her mom died from breast cancer.
Then things made a down spiral..jades father became an alcholic, and became abusive. Until she met Harry styles, a 20 year old badass from a small town in England, Holmes chaple. Will he make thing better, and fall for jade, or show his dark side?


7. my lifesaver

"H- hello?!" A thick English accent coming from the walls. "I'm coming in!"

"The doors locked!" Please, knock it down! And within seconds, a curly haired boy, with emerald eyes, a lip piercing, and many tattoos, was standing before, in complete shock of what he was witnessing.

"Please, help me, I will explain this all later, I need to get out of here before my dad gets back!" I cried in terror.

"Don't worry, I'll get you out of here. I'm harry by the way, Harry styles.

"Jade, Jade Montgomery." Now. Let's get out of here, I grabbed whatever I could and threw it in a suitcase, and ran out the door.

We both sprinted, as fast as our feet could take us." He then unlocked the door to his...lambergine. Damn.

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