The Haunted Trail

Allison,Brianna, and Emily are great friends but when they take a wrong turn on a way to a birthday party, all they wish for is a way out. A way out of the trail, the trail that takes your fears and spreads them across the trail. People always walk in, but they never walk out


2. The Pen that killed us all.

"DING!" I slowly open my eyes to my phone, which was dinging every 5 seconds. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. I had 23 messages.


23 new messages.

From: Brianna<3

Subject: What are you going to wear?


What are you going to wear? I am wearing a nice white crop top and jean shorts. Don't forget my sandals. <3 What are you going to wear?



I got 23 messages about her different outfit choices. Strapless dress, Combat Boots, sun hat. She went on and on. I was going simple, my Paramore t-shirt and my black skinny jeans and for the fact it is near the woods. I am going to wear my green plaid jacket and my combat boots. I don't need another tick.

I placed the outfit on my bed and texted Bri my outfit choice


To: Brianna<3

Subject: RE: What are you going to wear?


I am wearing my Paramore shirt with my plaid jacket and my black jeans. :D Oh and my awesome combat boots. No more ticks and NO MOSQUITO bites :D




I wonder if I should put it on now. It is 4:00. I got my jeans on and I was about to put on my shirt when Bri texted backtic

From: Brianna<3

Subject: -_-


Fine, But I was thinking you were going to were something more, cute and fun not protective and scared. -_- but you know whatever and I should have known. YOU ARE ALLI$ON. :D Well, you are picking me and Emmie up at 5 right?  -Brianna<3


What? Scared and Protective. Ugh, well whatever she can get the bug bites in whatever she chooses but I will be itch free.

To: Brianna<3

Subject: RE: -_-


Have fun with your bug bites and ticks. Also, pour oil on them because then they can't breathe and they will back out of your skin. Also yes in 15 minutes I am picking you up :D Bring your itch cream ( your going to need it) :D ~Alli$on



I got my Paramore shirt on and I went to grab my jacket off the hanger when I heard something in my closet. "RATTLE!" I slowly got closer to the closet. This is the part of the horror movie when the audience is like "DON'T GO!" But thank god this is reality. I got closer and closer. "BOO!" my little brother jumps out of my closet. "AHHHHH!" I scream as I fly backwards onto my bed. " You little..."

"MOM!" he screams as he dashes out of my room. God, was that little creep watching me change.

I shudder at that thought.I got up and walked to my closer. I grabbed my jacket off my hanger and closed my closet. I sat back on my bed. "DINGLING!" I grabbed my phone.

New Kik message.

Ugh, someone who I didn't trust enough with my phone number is trying to text me on kik

I open up kik


Hannah Smith: Hey, uhhh its already 4:45,hope you are coming soon and also, wear something cute ( I heard what you are wearing -_-) so yeah and we will be swimming! :D

Wow, I just can't be protective of my skin! I close Kik and shut my screen off. Well I better go get Bri and Emmie. They are waiting and I want to get to my cake and ice cream. I walk out of my room and downstairs. Their Alex my stupid little brother stands. " Hahaha, I saw you in your underwear!" he nags. "I am going to kill you!" I yell as I storm to him. "MOM!" he yells and he runs into the living room. Gosh, he will grow up to be a stalker or a creep or both. I walk out the front door. I was about to get into my car when Alex came behind me " Where are you going?" he asks. I open my door and I slipped inside. I slammed the door and locked it before he could come in.I start the car and I unrolled the window. " Somewhere." I say as I pull out of the driveway and drive down the street.

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