Midnight Memories

Life was perfect for Avery , until her mom died from a car crash . Then it didn't seem like there was a reason for her to stay alive . Her dad got a drug addition , got drunk every night and tried killing her whenever he could . Will Avery get away and start a new life with a Prince Charming or will she live a living Hell ?


6. I Won't Give Up

As I ran past Harry I was wondering if it was the right thing to do ... Somebody really was wondering if I was alright . I decided not to think about that and to think about my new life ... and make sure my dad wasn't trying to find me . After booking the cheapest hotel there was I thought it was best to try to get things off my mind . As I went down the lobby to try to get to know the town better I saw the same curly haired boy ... Harry . I tried to get out without him noticing me but when I finally stepped out the door I felt my hand getting yanked . I turned around to see him about to tell me " I never got your name ." I knew there was no use of trying to get away , I was too weak but suddenly his grip got tighter . " Stop ! " I scream almost crying . He let go . He looked hurt like he didn't mean it almost like he didn't know what he just did .. But I couldn't trust him , not that easy . I found myself running ... As I ran all the memories started to come back to my mind . I started to cry harder until there was nothing left to cry .

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