Midnight Memories

Life was perfect for Avery , until her mom died from a car crash . Then it didn't seem like there was a reason for her to stay alive . Her dad got a drug addition , got drunk every night and tried killing her whenever he could . Will Avery get away and start a new life with a Prince Charming or will she live a living Hell ?


7. How Do I Fix It

Harry's POV:

What did I just do was the only thing in my mind . I hurt her . As much as I wanted to chase her down the street I couldn't . I just stood there shocked . After about 5 minuets I started to look for her . I found her at an abandon park . I didn't know how to talk to her ... She thinks I'm a monster . " All I want is to help you !" I found myself screaming at her . What did I just do ?I just hurt her and now I'm screaming at her . "I don't need you ! You hurt me and you expect me to forgive you !? " I had no idea she was that upset with me . I knew what I did was bad , but I didn't mean to hurt her .

Avery's POV :

" All I want to do is help you !" He screams at me . Who does he think he is ? He hurts me and now is yelling at me ! " I don't need you ! You hurt me and you expect me to forgive you !? " I screamed back . But before he can talk I started walking back to the hotel . As he started to follow me I turned around and screamed at him to stop . Can't he understand I don't want him in my life !?

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