The Big Four Meets Elsa


6. Uh Oh...

Uh Oh...

Elsa's Pov

"Anna?" " What are you doing here?" I softly spoke upon my balcony I made. I had a bad feeling about this, the same feeling I had when I was being coranated, the same feeling I had when I was locked up. I knew why she was here, not just for me,but for him...

Anna's Pov

Elsa ,beautiful as always making me jealous! I have to fake everything until Jack is found! Poor Punzie tho, she had him first and he just ditched her too! Ugh I'm so pissed! I never cuss never! " I'm sorry Punzie for doing this to you, but it must be said!" I yelled softly out.

Punzie's Pov

" I'm sorry Punzie for doing this to you, but it must be said!" Anna yelled out softly at both me and Elsa. What did she mean by that! Oh wait , I forgot she isn't here for her , no she is here for him! Ugh! I hate you Anna for tricking me! I feel my hair start to glow yellow ,but bright yellow and this only happens when I'm pissed! I never cuss, I grew up with no cuss, but Anna took it to far!

Jack's Pov

When I return at Elsa's outside balcony I heard arguing about something with Elsa's , Anna's and oh no! I also heard Punzie's voice too! This sounds bad should I leave? As I start heading back outside, baby tooth stops me and forces me back inside I gave her a angry look but she showed one back. " Fine" I mumbled to her losing the angry glare war.

Punzie's Pov

I wasn't sure who was winning but all I knew was that I gave up and I'm sure Anna is not going to win, none of us are. Until bam! Future seeing, and, oh god no! Goddamn it Anna! Your going to get you and your sister dead just because of Jack! All I know is that I need to stop this right away!

Elsa's Pov

I'm not sure how long until my powers are unleashed but I realized Anna and I were on my second floor where Jack is standing right at the balcony entrance looking at us, and that's when I knew I'm going blow when ice and snow starts swirling around the room hearing Anna, Jack, Punzie, screaming all for different reasons when

Jacks Pov

Anna! Elsa! No!

Punzie's Pov

Anna! Elsa! Jack! No! Why! Stop this now!

Anna's Pov

Elsa plz explain why he is with you and why you took him away! Answer me! God damn it!

Hey guys! Your all like no! We need more! Sorry for cliffhanger not! Anyways what do you think will happen next? Tell me on the wall! And the first person to get it right tells me what movella they want me to write all about them or whatever they choose. Anyways remember to comment I'll read them all!

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