The Big Four Meets Elsa


1. The Coranation

All of Elsa's life she couldn't control her powers but Jack Frost the guardian helped her control but as she got older the less she believed in him. But when she was 21 she had her Coranation day and that made her so nervous she saw Jack fully believed in that day. Jack told Elsa "Don't Worry I'll be by your side the whole time!" Elsa calmed down but still worried about her powers. As much as Jack tried he couldn't help her control them without the gloves. When it was time Jack was right next to her the whole time like he promised he whispered " Good job snowflake". It was the ball time to celebrate but Anna had an argument with Elsa that she took one her gloves and her powers were reviled. She ran across the water but when jack's staff touched her ice Arendelle went in a internal winter.

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