The Big Four Meets Elsa


4. Anna?


Anna's Pov

I never loved Hans but I did love Jack the man I always heard in Elsa's bedroom. I always believed in him but of course he never came to me! I told Hans to leave me to find her, and that is when I went to the cottage up in the mountains.

Rapunzel's Pov

I heard a knock on the door and opened it to see, Anna?" What are you doing here! Aren't you cold!" I typically yelled at her." I need your help to find Elsa, Eugenne can come if he wants, and can I borrow some winter clothes?" She asked.

Anna's Pov

Of course I was lying to punzie, she loved Jack when she was young in her tower. He visited her until he met Elsa. She hates him for it but still loves him. I put on my winter clothes and Punzie and I went to the North Mountain.

( Next chapter will be longer I just wanted to catch you up Anna #StayShippin)

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