Happily (Loved You First Sequel)


2. Surprise

Chapter 2: Surprise

Darcy’s P.O.V:

The next day I woke up before mum and decided that to make her a nice cup of coffee and some toast for breakfast, as I did so my phone started to ring, checking the caller ID I saw that it was my dad so I answered.

(H=Harry D=Darcy)

D – Hi daddy

H – Hey baby girl, you ok?

D – Yes thank you, you?

H – I’m a bit tired but I’ll be ok baby girl, how's your mum?

D – Yeah she’s ok I think, she’s still asleep at the moment; I’m just making her breakfast.

H – You’re such a star princess you really are

D – Thanks daddy, but she deserves it, it’s only toast though, and I don’t know how to do anything else.

H- Its ok baby, just you doing that will make her smile. Um I’m gunna be about an hour and I’ll be home.

D – ok daddy I’ll see you soon, I love you lots

H – I love you too, bye

D – bye

After hanging up the phone I finished mums breakfast and took it up to her, “morning mummy” I said as I walked in to her bedroom, she rubbed her eyes and stretched slightly and slowly sat up noticing the toast and coffee I bought up for her. “Morning baby girl, what’s all this?” she asked smiling as I placed the coffee on her bedside table, and her plate on her lap, “I made you breakfast, daddy’s gunna be home in an hour, he called to tell me” I said and she smiled with tears in her eyes “thank you princess” she said as she took a bite of her toast and smiled, “I’m gunna shower and get ready mummy” I said.

“Ok baby girl, thank you,” she said as I walked back into my room to go shower. After my shower I wrapped my towel round me and brushed my teeth before going back into my room and looking through my wardrobe, after about 10 minutes I finally settled on this; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=135779628. About 10 minutes later mum came down in this; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=135783220.

Harry’s P.O.V:

I was so happy to be going home and seeing my girls, Paul had dropped all the boys home and we were on our way to my house and I couldn’t contain my excitement. As we pulled up outside I had my seatbelt off and I had jumped out the car in no time and I ran inside, as I got in I saw Darcy in the lounge and she looked up and pointed to the kitchen as Paul was slowly dragging in my stuff, I quietly asked Darcy to help him and she did as I walked into the kitchen wrapping my arms around Jordan’s waist and kissing her neck. “Hello my gorgeous fiancé” I said rubbing her belly, “I missed you so much baby girl, I’m so sorry” I continued pecking her neck.

“I missed you too, Darcy told me you were coming home, I snapped at her because you spoke to her” she sighed turning to face me. I looked at her and pecked her lips lightly “it’s ok baby, I don’t blame you baby, I was so horrible to you over the phone. And the worse thing is I was so happy but Niall pissed me off so much being in a grump and we had an argument, and I took it out on you” I said burying my head in her neck and kissing it lightly, “I love you so much” I mumbled as Darcy came into the kitchen, she came over and laid her head on Jordan’s shoulder and I wrapped my arm round her too, “I love you both.”


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