Happily (Loved You First Sequel)


1. Intro


Darcy’s P.O.V:

Hi I'm Darcy Anne Styles, daughter of Harry Styles and Jordan Steele. My mum and dad are the best parents a girl could ask for; they're always there for me. My dad and his 4 best friends are all in the biggest ever boyband One Direction and they are living life to the fullest. My mum and dad argue a lot more than they used to and it scares me a little because I feel like they might split, I think it could be my fault because I was unexpected but they have always looked after me.

My mum used to go with my dad on tour when I was a baby and my dad would always take me on stage with him before I went to bed, but the last time I went on stage with him was 11 years ago when I was 5, it was 2 days before I started school, I remember it all so clearly. Since I started school my mum has stayed at home with her 4 best friends, my aunty Lauren and uncle Niall are expecting a little baby girl in a few weeks. My aunty El and uncle Lou have recently had a gorgeous little boy named Ethan, Perrie and uncle Zayn have a girl my age named Lexi and a little boy named Logan who is 2. And uncle Liam and aunty Ella have a 7 year old son named Noah.

Lexi and I finished school about 4 months ago and we both found out that we had passed all of our exams, the both of us had already planned out what we were gunna do at college, I wanted to follow my mums dream of becoming a children’s nurse while Lexi wanted to be a singer like her parents.

“Mum I'm home!” I called “I got A’s and B’s like you predicted, and one A*” I continued but she hadn’t replied which worried me. “Mum…?” I slowly made my way upstairs and went into her bedroom, I thought she might be sleeping, she hasn’t been well lately. I walked in but she wasn’t there I was about to check the kitchen when I heard crying coming from my mums en-suite, I ran in and saw her sat against the bath holding baby scans, I thought they were mine but it wasn’t till she realised I was there that she put them down quickly. “Mum? What’s going on?” I asked concerned “what's wrong” I said sitting down on the floor next to her rubbing her arm, laying my head on her shoulder. My mum didn’t say anything but she handed me the scan she was holding, I looked at it closely and read the writing around the edge; Mrs J Styles – 21/08/14 – 3 months. A smile slowly appeared, “I'm gunna be a big sister?” I whispered, it came out as more of a question but I was happy.”

I moved and sat on my knees facing my mum and she looked at me, the tears still falling, I smiled and wiped them away before hugging her “I love you mum, what's wrong?” I asked. “I called your dad to tell him and he got angry, and told me he was too busy to talk” I looked down because I  wanted to tell him about the grades I got, but if he was too busy for mum he'd have no time for me.

I smiled a little and handed my mum my grades to cheer her up and she was so happy she started crying again and we both laughed a little. My mum hugged me again and we both got up to go downstairs, “I'm calling the girls over and we're celebrating ok?” she said with a smile, I giggled and nodded “ok well I'm gunna get changed then” I said as she put the phone up to her ear. I ran upstairs and started rummaging through my clothes when I got a call. I ran over to my phone and read the caller ID ‘Daddy <3’ I smiled a little and answered.

(H=Harry – D=Darcy)

D – hey daddy, how’s the tour?

H – it’s going great princess, I just miss you and your mum.

D – really? She said you were too busy to talk to her earlier, surprised you had time to call me.

H – Darce please don’t do this ok, I was too busy to talk because I was planning to surprise her tomorrow…

D – she said you sounded angry dad…I came home and she was crying.

H – I wasn’t angry at her baby, I was angry and Niall he's been in a bad mood all day and then he kicked off at me and we had a fight. I feel really bad now, is she there now?

D – no she's invited the girls round to celebrate my grades, Lexi did great too so we're celebrating for her too.

H – yeah Zayn said you both did well princess, what did you get?

D – I got an A* in health & social care and 4 A’s and 2 B’s!

H – you star! Look I'll see you tomorrow, don’t tell you’re mum about the surprise unless she really pushes. I love all 3 of you princess, be good.

D – bye daddy see you tomorrow, love you lots.

H – love you more princess.

D – love you most daddy, bye.

I hung up from my dad and got dressed into this; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=132070349 , and went downstairs to see my mum sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen talking with my aunty Lauren, I went in and hugged Lauren and kissed her cheek before rubbing her bump smiling, and giggled as baby Maisy kicked my hand, “hello to you too Maisy” I said to Lauren's bump giggling.

“Who were you talking to in your room hun?” my mum asked and I smiled.

“Daddy” I answered and she looked at me funny, “he called me to see how I did, and to say that he missed us and he loves us lots” I continued slouching over my mum resting my chin on her shoulder. “Oh he has time for you then” she snapped, I sighed and debated on telling her about tomorrow, I had to I couldn’t let her think that dad didn’t have time for her anymore. “Mum he was planning a surprise for you tomorrow, I wasn’t supposed to tell you but I can't let you think he doesn’t care mum” I said looking down.

“Oh, I'm sorry baby” she said looking up at me and hugging me.

“Its ok mum” I said hugging back as the door went, both mum and Lauren went to answer in “I got it, don’t worry” I said walking towards the door and opening it. Everyone came in and all the younger ones ran into the garden to play in the tree house, I smiled as I greeted them and they congratulated me.

Throughout the night we all had a laugh and talked about what Lexi and I were planning on doing at college, and mum and Lauren's new arrivals. The girls all left and it was just me and my mum, I made us both a hot chocolate and we went up to bed. “Night mum, love you” I said hugging her and pecking her cheek, “night baby” she smiled.


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