It's about a girl, and her best friend has recently passed away. She keeps getting these weird flash-backs and they are becoming more and more real by the day. In the flash-backs she sees the things in a different point of view, and discovers a lot about Walter that she didn't know when he was alive. But why does she get these flash-backs? What is causing them?


1. Chapter one

"What did you get on 24 b?" She looked up from the book to see her friend, Walter, looking at her, with a distant look on his face. She waved her hand close to his face. "I'm sorry, what?" Walter said, and blinked a couple of times as he came back to reality. "What did you get on 24 b?" Walter looked in to his papers, corrected his glasses and said; "Uh, I got 984,76". "Cool, I got that as well" she said. "Then I'd better double check" Walter teased. Walter had always been better than her at these kind of things. "Hey, don't sweat it. At least you're pretty" Walter continued. In response she took an eraser from her pencil case, and threw it at him. The teacher walked past them, and they quickly continued their work. But everytime she looked up, she caught Walter looking at her. "Seriously, am I THAT funny looking?", she said and laughed a bit, "how come you're looking at me like that?". "Wha-what? I-I'm not looking at you." Walter stuttered, as he looked down in an attempt to hide his flushed cheeks. "You creeper" she chuckled, sending him a teasing, pearly white smile.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she hardly even noticed. She had been having these flash-backs ever since Walter died, but they were getting more powerful. She was afraid that she would loose grab of reality, even though part of her wanted to stay in the flash-backs. Walter had been her best friend for most of her life. Their mothers had been in the same maternal group, and she was only one day older than him. Even though they never really did much, she had many memories with him. The simplest conversations was stuck in her brain, and these memories that seemed like nothing at that time, is now one of her most priced possessions. It has only been 2 months since he passed away, but the pain that she felt in her heart, had not gotten less painful. Maybe that's why she's having these flash-backs. To keep him always with her. In her mind, and in her heart.

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