I'm coming home to you,Dean.


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I'll never find the strength to say goodbye

but my bleeding wrists are forcing me to try.


I've walked this world a thousand times.

I've witnessed creation and falling and crimes.

I walked alone and I didn't ask why.

And then I heard your broken soul cry.


And it cried and it grieved and it wanted to know

the reason your pain had continued to grow.

Why hell had taken a seat on your chest.

Why even death didn't offer a rest.

How long will your pain and your suffer endure.

Is your soul worth selling in return of a cure.

How many times will you bury your brother.

How many nightmares you'll have of your mother.


And I listened and cried and mourned next to you.

And I wasn't alone now.Now we were two.

I was sure I was able to take it away.

I was sure I could make them all pay

for hurting the purest one of them all.

For harming your innocent beautiful soul.


And I'm standing here watching you take your last breath.

And this world is nothing now that you're dead.


And I'll bring them all pain they've never seen.

And then I'm coming home to you,Dean.

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