My 5 angles

Samantha has always had a tough time with her peers at school. Her only friend is her brother who is there only when she is at home. But when a class member of her brothers offers him a big surprise for his sister... Will things change for her. Will her demons realise that she was no different than before...

Violence is vaguely described



"Oi fatty!" Their words were like knives. I begin to run away. But there is no where to turn. I can feel their eyes piercing into the back of me. I see an off road and go for it. I then run down the ally. S**t! A dead end. I feel like the world is going to collapse in on me. I see them. The 5-10 boys that have never accepted me for me. Trailing behind are their b***y girlfriends.

As they closed in on me, I screamed for help. No one. Again.

I will spare you the details of my beating. As soon as I knew they was gone. I lifted my self off of the pavement. I look to the floor. Blood. My blood.

I pull my hood over my head. I run up the street to my house.

I put my hand on the door handle. Remembering my plan for when I go home.

Get in

Shout "I'm home"

Run into your room

Wait for Matt

Matt is the eldest of us. It goes Matt, Jenna, me, tommy.

Matt is the only one who knows about all of this. I can only trust him. He is my best friend and my father figure. My dad has left. So it just us 5 in the house. I go in.

"Hi. I'm home!" I say but it hurts.

I run as fast as I can into my room. I shut the door just loud enough for Matt to hear.

I set my bag down on the floor.

I go and sit on my bed. Matt then comes in.

He comes to sit next to me. Matt removes my hoodie that shields my face from everyone. I look into his eyes. I can se he is hurt. Angry. Astonished. I walk over to the mirror in the corner of my room. This morning there was a girl who looked healthy. Now I see a girl with a black eye, bruised nose, bleeding lip, and red raw arms. I turn to Matt and say...

"I think this is the worst one yet."

"What? What about the time they broke your arm?"

"I could cope with that. This time they've taken my happiness." I can see the confusion on his face.

"What do you mean?"

"They've taken my iPod. The thing that can make me happy. And I now have no way to hear 5 angles sing."

"5 angles?"

"Yes." I then point to a maxi poster on my wall. It is of the 5 out of 7 guys that make me happy. The other two are Matt and my other brother who is only 5 months tommy.

"One direction?" He says with a smirk on his face

"Yeah... When ever I have to opportunity to listen to them I do. They are my world and I could never thank them enough." I can't help but cry.

"Samantha please don't cry." I couldn't help it. They have done so much for me.

"You'll meet them some day Sam. I promise." I know that when Matt makes a promise he keeps it.

After about an hour of Matt fixing my face and making any swelling go down (it's good that my brother is a medical student) I start to apply make up to hide any scars and my black eye. Since this had been going on for ages now I have got very good at it.

My mother called us down for dinner. We all sat at the table.

"So has anything new happened at school Sam?" As you can tell I get called Sam and not Samantha.

"No same old. Same old." Matt saves me

"I have some news." Everyone looks up from their pasta at Matt. There is never really any news in our house.

"A girl in my class has got some tickets and back stage passes for a concert"

"Who's playing?" My sister interrupts.

"I will tell you in a moment." Matt and Jenna have never really got on.

"And she wondered if I wanted them. And I have them now."

"Who's playing?!" I ask now getting very curious. Matt makes his was over to his bag. He places the envelope in front of me. I look down at it and then my curiosity takes over. I rip it open and turn the tickets and passes over. There they were. The 5 angles that give me happiness staring at me. I am going to see One Direction...

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