My 5 angles

Samantha has always had a tough time with her peers at school. Her only friend is her brother who is there only when she is at home. But when a class member of her brothers offers him a big surprise for his sister... Will things change for her. Will her demons realise that she was no different than before...

Violence is vaguely described


5. New chapter

It's now 3 years later and me and Harry have been talking for ages.

We have met up a lot of times. He has asked me to be his girlfriend, of corse, I said yes.

As for the bullies. Since I've been with Harry they have wanted to know me. So fickle.

As for Matt he has finally become a doctor. I am so proud of him.

To all of the bullies out there who have been against me from the start I want to say thank you. You've made me stronger. And anyone who has been in my position things will get better I promise.

I now have to go meet with Harry he says he has a big surprise for me. I wonder what it is...


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