Ava,Tia and Mia gift: The Tia Reborn

Twin sister Ava and Mia power over the souls and they can open the the door to the souls world. Ave can see life and Mia can see death and both can brougth people back to life. Mia and Ave found out they are really triplets. Tia were reborn.


3. Reborn of Tia

"What the fuck were that?" asked Magert.

The hiss sound getting louder and louder. It's getting closer and closer and closer, a dead body, that look like Ave and Mia appear on the floor. A appear  name on the body, the name is Tia.  The name unappear from the body and she open her eyes, then she arise.

Ave and Mia yell so loud. The girl turn to them and say "Hi, my name is Tia and I am yours sister."

"Mom?" yells Ave and Mia.

The mother started crying, she fall to the floor. "Mommy don't cry." said Tia.

"How are you back" asked the mother

"I been back, but not in skin from." Said Tia.

"Are you our sister for real?" asked Mia.

"Yeah, I am." Said Tia. She walk up  to Magert and touch her face. Magert look at the mother and the mother look at her. They thinking the same thing.

"How the hell she back to life and how is she the same age as them?" The mother and Magert were thinking.

"Baro!" said Tia. she walk over by Ave and Mia and pull them to side and started telling about their dream and power.


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