Tour Bus?

Police Report: 19 Year old Emily Williams found guilty and sentenced to 3 months in jail for breaking and entering the "One Direction tour bus, and staying on the tour bus for 2 weeks."


1. Im Normal

Hello My name is Emily Williams. Im just a normal teenager. But im obsessed....obsessed with One Direction that is! I have went to 20 of their concerts, i havent met them yet but thats on my next to-do list. You see they are coming her to Toronto in just 3 days! I cant wait. I have all the posters of them i can get my hands on! I have them on my walls, doors, ceiling, in my closet! Im a rich kid from my parents death i got all their money since i was an only child. "Dissapered in one of the planes." Before my Parents "Dissapered" I got good grades and was a very smart child. My last report card before they left I had straight 100% A's. I guess school just clicks with me. But they were so happy the even got my floor to be once direction. Sometimes when i get depressed i lay down in the middle and pretend im there next to them. I want to meet them so badly. There music helped when my parents died. I listened to every single one of there songs like........everyday. I used to cry myself to sleep. Everyone knows my name, not my story. My parents were always rich. I didnt like to use the money i got so i saved it up. I was sexually abused by my own cousin. I was bullied in school. For being a nerd, and being well known fat.. I would cut myself, It got worse when my parents died. One Dierection, they helped me with it, i love them so much. Louis is my favourite. I have a picture on my wall that i made and it says "Louis Your My Savior!" if i ever were to meet him i would Immediately show him my scars that hide underneath my  bracelets. ive watched their movie soo many times! I have all their purfumes. I even dream about them! Well i make myself dream about them. No one understands me. I dont have any friends. Im just a lonely girl that lives in america. That is obsessed with One Direction.

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