Calum hood is my cousin


4. the call

Today's the day I get to call calums mom or well I guess my auntie. Ive have never been so nervous in my life. Calum is still sleeping so I decided too of watch some tv downstairs. I walked downstairs and say ash in the living room so I walked into the kitchen too get some breakfast so I put bread in the toaster and decided to check Instagram. Nothing new other than I got a dm from my best friend Hannah I was debating on calling her or answering her dm I chose to call her. She picked up on the third ring "hey girly" I thought she would have just woke up "hey on the dm you told me to call you or text you so what's up?" She sighed on the other end. "I'm so sorry Allie but it wasn't my choice" I don't know if I was dumb or she didn't tell me goo enough but I was confused "I don't understand what was not your choice" she paused that meant it wasn't something good "I'm moving and I know your probably mad because I promised that I would stay so u could have a friend but my moms making me" a tear slowly went down my cheek and I wiped it away "where?" I could almost not talk "Ontario and I know it's far from kelowna but I can take a plane once in a while" a smile creeped on my face "Ontario are you serious?" I almost shouted "um ya but if I'm not wrong it sounds like your happy" I chuckled "that's where my auntie and cousin live when do u come?" It was silent for a moment and I knew she was asking her mom "today I'm leaving in a hour" I was shocked "and you just decided to tell me today?" Hannah was my best friend why would she just tell me "I didn't know till today but when I get there can I come per to your place?" I think Calum will be ok with it "ya sure I'll text you the address later ok? I got to go bye" I hung up after that and texted we the address. I grabbed the toast and smeared peanut butter on the toast and walked to the living room and sat next to ash. "Good morning ash" I said and looked at the tv. "Morning" I didn't recognize the show "what show is this?" He chuckled "it's teen wolf but I'm not really watching so we can change it to supernatural if you want?" I put my empty plate on the table and said "sure " I didn't make it long before I realized it I fell asleep and woke up with my head on Ashton's shoulder "oh I'm sorry " and realized tears were falling down my cheeks and we were holding hands " it's fine but I think you had a nightmare" he said and took his hand out "what happened?" I didn't remember my nightmare "well you started crying and yelling my name saying help me help me and grabbed my Hand and I calmed you down and you woke up five minutes later" I never knew that I was capable of that "oh sorry you had to hold my hand you were probably freaking out thinking why is this weirdo touching me" I laughed and he stared at me before answering "first of all there was no weirdo there is a beautiful young amazing girl and second of all I liked it when you held my hand" I blushed no one has ever told me that before. He leaned in an smacked he's lips against mine and I kissed back I heard footsteps coming form upstairs so I pulled out. I smiled at Ashton and blushed. I grabbed he's hand and we intertwined our finger just then Calum came downstairs and he said "hey ready to call my mom?" "Yup" in the end his mom said that she would sign the papers but I had to live with Calum and the boys so we decided to go to an amusement park to celebrate in an hour so I decided I watch some tv.

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