Calum hood is my cousin


2. nerves and guys

He closed the door when we got upstairs. " so I have another question" I answered everything what did he not know"what?" I asked. " you said that if my mom didn't help you that your going to a foster home right?" "Ya so what about that?" He paused and I still didn't understand what he doesn't know "well what about your dad?" I guess I did forget that before I could control myself I starting balling my eyes out. He quickly grabbed me into a hug "shh it's ok you don't need to tell me if you don't want to" he said kindly. I smiled and as the teas were rolling down my face I started to explain " well he left.. me and my mom when I was ten but before he abused me and ..and a year ago I got letter saying that he he.. Was in jail for murder" it was really the only tough topic for me and I'm surprised that I told Calum. I mean I didn't know what he looked like today so ya. "I'm going to get some tea you can turn on the tv and get into bed I'll be right back you'll be ok right?" I nodded and then he left the room. I went into the bathroom and grabbed some Kleenex and put on a sweater turned on the tv and got into bed. Just when I found my favourite show supernatural i wondered if Calums mom would take me or what foster home would be like. A knock took me out of my train of thought. "Come in " I said trying to stop the tears which were just slowly falling down my cheeks. A dirty blonde popped his head in I have to say he was really cute "hi I'm Ashton" he said in a accent I wonder what kind it is. "Hi I'm Allie " he came in and plopped down on the bed at looked at the tv "supernatural I live this show" I laughed "same it's my fave show" he has good taste in shows "can I watch with you" he smiled and I nodded. He got up and plopped his head on the pillow. Calum came up with my tea and I quickly drank it up. I have to say he's a pretty good cousin so far. Better than any others I have. After he left I fell asleep after supernatural finished.

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