Calum hood is my cousin


5. amusement park

I ended up inviting Hannah and Calum invited Mikey and Luke (I found out their names!) Calum said since they were famous or whatever they have to have a disguise. When they were dressing up Hannah and I got dressed too. Hannah said that her 6 year boyfriend broke up with her. I ended up wearing a coral crop top that said follow your heart with black high waisted shorts an black lace toms. Hannah ended up wearing a orange crop top that said Mondays a b*tch with white high waisted shorts and white toms. We wet downstairs and Hannah meant Luke and Michael and think Hannah and Luke might become a couple. When we got to the amusement park we split up Michael and Calum went together and Hannah and Luke and me and Ash. Me and ash went on the Ferris wheel even though I'm scared to death by heights I went for him. We where just on the top when the Ferris wheel stopped as I started to breath fast and heavy. "Allie look at me we are going to be fine it will start soon" Ashton calmed me down and I started to breath slower "ok but take my mind off of things" I asked "ok how about this for taking your mind off of things Allie I always felt like there was something always missing and when I meet you I knew what was missing you and when we kissed I wanted to just keep kissing you all day with that said Allie will you be my girlfriend?" "YES! A million times yes" I said and then pulled him into a passionate kiss and when we pulled out the Ferris wheel started. After a couple of other rides I texted the others and said to meet at the food court and everyone said ok. The first people we saw were Hannah and Luke and they were holding hands "wow that didn't take long " Ashton whispered in my ear and I pulled out my phone looked at the time and said "one hour new record" we both laughed and walked over to them everyone had a good time but soon the park close down so we decided to go home.

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