Calum hood is my cousin


10. a good day finally

Two weeks later

I was walking perfectly fine now and didn't need crutches anymore. I got up really early this morning and everyone was still sleeping so I decided to go to Starbucks I know typical white girl. I grabbed my car keys and drove there which didn't take long it took about six minutes to get to the counter and ordered my drink and payed the person. When they called my name I grabbed my drunk and sat down in a chair with a table and checked Instagram till I heard "Allie?" I looked up and saw my cousin "Peter?" I stood up and he pulled me into a hug "what are you doing here?" I asked sitting down "I just moved here you?" He sat across from me "I moved in with my cousin and his friends" he nodded "actually come meet them" I smiled and we walked to my car "I heard about your mom I'm sorry" I smiled got in the car and said "it's fine it was coming sooner or later" I nodded and we talked the whole way there and when we got there everyone was sleeping so I said "sit on the couch I'm gonna wake my boyfriend up" he nodded and sat down, I walked up the stairs and Ashton was still sleeping. I jumped on him so I was laying on him he opened his eyes and said "I like you waking me up like this" I kissed him "once in a life time chance" he flipped me over so he was over top me "well even if it is it turns me on" I giggled and he kissed me and got off me I told him about Peter and we walked downstairs and he was talking to Luke and Hannah. I ran up to Hannah and hugged her "hey strawberry shortcake" she laughed "hey" Ashton went and talked with Luke and Peter for about fifteen minutes till Calum and Mikey came. After two an a half hours we went to mcdonalds and eventually Peter left, and gave everyone his number Mikey and him seemed to like each other (only friends) for the rest of the day we watched horror movies and me and Hannah were the only ones not scared haha. "Can we go to a movie tomorrow?" Hannah asked when the movie ended. "Or we could have another movie day here?" I suggested and everyone liked that idea better and I texted Peter if he wanted to come and he said yes. The rest of the day we just talked played truth or dare and watched more movies.

The next day

I just got dressed and Ashton was still sleeping so I snuck out of the room quietly and texted Peter to come and he came in five minutes. I heard a knock at the door and walked over to it and opened it "hey everyone is still sleeping so you want to go outside?" He nodded and I let the dogs out and we sat on the trampoline. "Allie can I tell you something?" I nodded and smiled while he looked down at his hands. He mumbled something quietly so I couldn't hear him. "What?" He looked up and he was crying "Peter whats wrong?" He wiped his face and said "it's Connor " Connor was Peter's older brother and my other cousin "what about him is he alright?" He bite his lip "that's the thing I don't know" I looked at him confused and he continued "we got in a fight and he got drunk and I thought he would come back like he always does but he didn't and I've called him but he never answers" I looked at Peter "how could you be so dumb you know what happens when he gets drunk don't you remember how he tried to make out with me and sprained my ankle when I said no?" He nodded "but we always fights and he always comes back" I got up and ran inside after saying "I'm gonna call him" I didn't realize I was crying till I was inside. Calum was standing there and I ran past him and grabbed my phone. I looked in my contacts till I found Connor the best cousin I grinned at the name he put in. I pushed the call button and it rang two times till he answered "hello Allie why are you calling me?" Peter came up and looked at my expression "Connor where the hell are you Peter here with me and he's worried sick about you" he chuckled and I was confused "I'm in Saskatoon" "I'm buying you a plane ticket and you are coming to Ottawa" he laughed and again I was confused "I'll buy the ticket text me the address and I'll be there in a day or two" "ok fine bye" "bye" I hung up and explained to Calum why I came in crying and he nodded and when I was done everyone was awake and we had a fun movie day.

Two days later

I woke up from a text from Connor saying to pick him up from the airport. I woke up Ashton and we were in the car in under five minutes, it took us ten minutes to get there. When we got there he was standing by the phone booth and when he saw me he smiled and I ran up to him. "I don't know if I want to smack you or hug you right now" but I hugged him "nice to see your too where Peter?" Ashton came up behind me and said "at our house" "who's this?" Connor asked. "This is my boyfriend Ashton" they shook hands and I introduced Connor to ash.

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