My bestfriend is a vampire

What happens when Emily finds out her best friend is a vampire and killed people to protect her

Will it ruin there friendship?
Will is bring them closer together?


2. what?

Harry's pov:

I hate being mean to niall he is so sweet even though he tells me to go fuck someone or myself...I don't, but Brandon said I have too because he can't find out me and him are step brothers...that won't be pretty....niall has this friend named Emily and she is hot but she hates me, when I try to talk to her she just says " get the fuck away with me" it hurts me and I have feeling people too I yelled. " I need to tell her about me and niall not about our big secret...were vampires:)...I decided to hang out after niall left and I saw her walking in the side walk " Emily wait" I yelled "what do u want fuck me or something" she said " woahh I need to tell you something but you can't tell niall" I said " what? Styles" she snapped " me and niall are step brothers okay" I said " what?" She said " I not kidding Emily" I said and she just started running and I ran after her " Emily?" I asked " what harry I have to go home" she wined " promise you won't tell niall" I asked " tell niall what someone said behind her it's was Brandon.

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