My bestfriend is a vampire

What happens when Emily finds out her best friend is a vampire and killed people to protect her

Will it ruin there friendship?
Will is bring them closer together?


4. partying and regret

Emily pov:

"NIALL" I yelled " EMIlY" he yelled back running up to me and hugging me " I missed you nialler" I said while smiling " I missed you too Emily I had to do something's and took A couple of days" niall said rubbing the back of his neck " why is he nevous?. " it's okay things are getting strange with my brother niall what is happening to my brother? " I said " he's changing" he said laughing " what do u mean?" I asked. " nothing Emily" he said " okay so there is this party tonight are u going?" I asked him " yeah I guess are you going with anyone" he asked " yeah" I said playing with my fingers "who are you going with" he asked " a person" I said playing with my fingers.

Naill pov:(before he got back from the " trip")

" she is getting close to find the truth about us" I said " niall" he yelled At me " I am sorry luke" I said " I don't think you want to lose your best friend" luke said " okay luke" I said " well her brother is a vampire so it's kind of hard a secret from her when her brother is one luke" I said he slapped. " NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!! He yelled at me.

Emily's pov:

I can't tell Niall I am going to the party with harry he will be so pissed at me, Emily don't worry about niall worry about what your going to wear why going to happen at the party all I can think about is what if we have sex and don't worry omg why am I talking about this this is so fustrating, I decided to wear a tight black dress and heels, I probably look like a slut to some people but it will impress harry and just hope niall doesn't find out I am going to the party with harry he would freak, it's 7:30 and harry said to meet him in the alley that right out side my house so I did.

" hey babe" harry said " hi" I managed to say " well let's go party" he yelled " okay" I said and walked regretting ever agreeing to go to the party with him. He's a player is all I can say but he is cute but, I would never date him. Ha. Me dating harry that's so funny once I think about it. We arrived at the party everyone stared at us as we walked in.

" nothing to stare at so move" harry yelled

" thanks I guess" I said.

" your welcome babe" he whispered in my ear

" okay" I said.

" let's party" he yelled

Which made be chuckle.

3 hours later

" Emily " harry slurred

" come one harry we have to go" u said

" I want to party" harry slurred

" come on where going" I said

" no" he said

" fine I will walk" I said.

I walked out of the party I was annoyed at harry why did I even go to that party with him? Why? Why? Why? I kept asking my self as I walked down the streets.

Niall?" I asked " Emily? " he said " what are you doing out her" he asked " walking home" I said " why" He said " my date being an ass" I said " who" he asked " it's NOONE" I said " Emily" he yelled " fine I went with harry you happy" I yelled " what you went with that jerk" niall yelled " yes I did" I yelled " why?" Niall asked " because I felt like it" I said " well okay then" niall said and walked away with his head down. OMG does everyone like to get in fights with me and I'm not even the one getting hurt it's always the other person.

I walked up to my bedroom stopping by my brother room but he was already fast asleep I plopped down on my bed and my phone went off it was from niall I didn't want to see what it said because I know niall is already crying over it and the bad thing he called is brother well half brother a jerk and sooner or later me or harry have to tell niall the truth.

After thinking am thinking I soon fell asleep with thoughts that I probably don't even know half the answers to.

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