My bestfriend is a vampire

What happens when Emily finds out her best friend is a vampire and killed people to protect her

Will it ruin there friendship?
Will is bring them closer together?


3. Brandon?

Emily's pov:

" tell niall what" someone said behind me I knew who it was it was my brother Brandon he is always joking around with me and scaring me and always in private business. Enough with my idiotic brother and back to what is happening in reality " hey sis" Brandon said to me " wait sis" harry said " me and Brandon are brother and sister how did you not know" I asked " well we never hang out and you beer talk to me so how was I supposed to know" he said " well I am going home now see you at home bro" I said and walked home to still see harry and Brandon talking about something. " mom I am home" I yelled running upstairs to my room that was painted navy blue and had hardwood floors that were called cherry I loved it. I plopped down on my bed and got my phone out and saw that I had three miss calls from niall and one voicemail....I opened up the voicemail and it said " Emily I won't be at school or around for awhile don't worry but stay away from your brother I will explain everything when I get back in town love you sis please don't worry " niall said.

" what did you tell Emily" Brandon yelled in my face " I told her nothing you bitch and for your information you not my dad so don't tell what I can say and do" I yelled back at Brandon " whatever bitch just stay away from my sister" he yelled and walked away to his house.

I hears the door slam from downstairs I knew it was Brandon his bedroom was right next to mine so he always passed my room and never said hi. It this time he walked in my room sat down and looked at me but his eyes were red not hazel brown that girls die for, " are u okay" I asked " no I am not Emily" he snapped " whacks wrong with you, your never like this" I said " I know what dis harry said to you" he asked more angry than before " he said he needed help and he was going come over here for a couple of day and he didn't want me to tell niall because I know niall hates harry a lot" I said.i lied.

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