My bestfriend is a vampire

What happens when Emily finds out her best friend is a vampire and killed people to protect her

Will it ruin there friendship?
Will is bring them closer together?


1. Niall's story

Niall's pov:

" I don't think you want me to kill that girl of yours" my gang leader said with his piercing red eyes " please don't she is the only thing I have" I said with tears running down my face. " well you better not screw this up" he said with a angry tone that makes everyone cringe " okay I have to go to school or I am going to be late and "my girl" is going to get worried" I laughed " watch it horan" he said before disappearing into the dark alley with the rest of the gang.

" hey niall" I heard someone say behind me " hey Emily" I said " niall is something wrong" she asked me then I started to get worried did she see me? " no" I said nervously while looking at the ground. " I will see you at school" she said before walking ahead of me so she won't be late.

* at lunch*

I hate going to lunch because I get bullied I know I need to act tough because I am...Never mind, the football team always picks on me especially this kid named harry he always has a girl he probably has sex with every girl in this school I wouldn't be suprised If he did " hey slut" he said to me I always fight back even if he beats me up " why don't you go fuck yourself everyone know you do" I yelled I heard ohh's coming from the room and everyone was staring to see what harry was going to do. Nothing. " I don't think you want your secret out to everyone" I said before he walked away. Harry and his football buddies all have a secret and I do too.

* after school*

I hummed a tune while walking home it calms me down it sound like I am acting like a girl but it helps me when I want to cut myself. " hey slut" harry said behind me " shit I am dead" I said in my head " our little secret stays between us and the football team you got it slut" he said with a smirk on his face " don't you have go fuck someone like Ashely" I said " your such a slut I wish I could kill you" he yelled " hahaha like you can" I said while laughing.

* sorry this had a little language in it, I won't have language in every chapter, comment, like, and fav-love you, Hannah:)

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