Almost Forgotten.

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
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As a kid, I met this boy named Lucas. He was strange in every sense of the word. I liked it. The boy, Lucas, and I, we were friends for a long time. Well, until the day he left. The last thing he told me was that he promised to come back again. Then he left. I never even knew why.


1. Almost Forgotten.

As a kid, I met this boy. He was strange in every sense of the word. I liked it. The boy and I, we were friends for a long time. Well, until the day he left. The last thing he told me was that he promised to come back again. Then he left. I never even knew why.



I was on my way home from school. It was raining. I was looking at my worn out vans. I should probably be considering getting a new pair. I just needed the money. In a quick move I looked over at the boy sitting on the wet curbs. His beautiful blue eyes were stuck in mine before I quickly glanced away. He was actually really hot. As I walked by him, I enjoyed the smell of his sexy scent running through my nostrils. “I saw that.” He laughed with his sexy, deep voice. I stopped, and turned around. “What?” I said, while already knowing the answer. “It’s Ralph Lauren if you wanted to know,”

A heavy sigh was leaving my mouth while I turned around again. As I was about to walk, I was stopped by the same sexy voice again. “I’m Luke by the way.” I glanced back at him. “I’m Noa,” I said before he cut me off, “Noa. I know.”

That was kind of creepy. “How did you know that?” I asked while the wrinkle on my forehead got bigger. He stood up, and walked over to me. He had quite long legs, and he was also very tall. He took a packet of cigarettes up from a pocket in his black, tight jeans. “Do you smoke?” He smirked. I shook my head, while I was looking at his long fingers who fumbled with getting a cigarette out of the case. He lit it up. “I’m going to follow you home, Noa.” He said, while he was blowing the smoke of the cigarette out his mouth.

While we were walking I couldn’t stop thinking about how every shade of his dark clothes looked amazing on him. He actually looked like someone I’ve seen before. “Luke, where you from?” I asked, looking up at his deep, empty eyes. I felt no warmth. He ignored my question, so I asked another one. “Why were you sitting on the side of the road?” I asked while my tongue slipped over my dry lips. “I was waiting,” he answered with a small, crooked smile. “Waiting for what?” I then asked, as I admired the way he exhaled the smoke of his almost finished cigarette. “I don’t quite know yet, Noa.” He replied, and threw his cigarette down at the sidewalk.

As I felt some kind of guilt inside of my body, I looked over at my house. “Well, I live here. I’ll probably see you sometime soon?” I said, while his tall body was covering me with his weak shadow. “Sure you will, Noa.” He said.

As I walked up the short path to the front door of my house, I couldn’t do anything but feel his eyes looking at my back as if he was trying to steal my soul or something. It was kind of strange.

“Hello, Noa. How was school?” I heard my mom say from the living room. “It was shitty like always.” I said, while I was kicking my old vans off my feet. “Oh, honey. Why are you so negative about everything? Life is so amazing.” She said, while I was walking into the living room. “Yea, right.” I laughed sarcastically. I turned on the TV and watched some kind of modeling show. It was so fucking boring.

As I was about to go to my room, my phone started beeping. I quickly grabbed it from the back of my pocket. I looked at the message wondering who it could be from. “Hi.” “Who is this?” “It’s me, Luke.” “How did you get my number?” I didn’t get an answer on that either.

I locked the door to my room and after that, I turned on the computer. You have received a new e-mail, Noa. Would you like to open it? Heck yea I wanna open in. “Hi, it’s Luke. My phone went out of battery, so I felt like writing an e-mail to you.” That kind of freaked me out a bit. “Luke, where are you?” “Oh, I’m just chilling at home. What about you, Noa?”

As we were chatting, I came to a thought. How did he even know my e-mail and stuff?

I just sat in my messy room for hours, chatting with some complete stranger that already knew a lot about me. “I’m gonna meet you in 5 minutes. Be outside your house.”

I walked down the old stairs and through the living room. I tied my shoes, and putted on my jacked. I opened the door and saw Luke in the end of the small path between the house and the sidewalk. He sent me a smile as I walked towards him. “How can you not be scared?” He asked, while he put his big, cold hands in the pockets in his black jacket. “Why should I be scared?” I asked. He started walking. I followed. “You know, Noa. It’s dark, and you don’t know me. I could be a murderer, a pedophile.” I gave him a weird look. “You wouldn’t.” I said.

Seconds later Luke pushed me up a fence. He took my breath away.  His hands pressed mine against the tree-fence. I could feel his warm breath against my face. He still smelled like the Ralph Lauren perfume, and a tiny bit of the cigarettes he had smoked. I looked into his cold eyes. He sent me a smile and then whispered. “You shall never believe a stranger, Noa, you don’t know their powers.” He then loosened the grip of my hands. I began to rub one of my aching wrists. “Did I hurt you?” He then asked. He sounded like a child. He sounded a lot like Lucas.

“No, it’s alright Lucas, Sorry, I mean Luke.” I said. His lips slowly parted. “Let’s just keep on walking.” He said and turned around. Well, that was awkward.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked. I had a hard time following him. He walked fast. A whole lot faster than I normally did. “A place I like,” he answered as cold as he possibly could, “you may already know it.” I bit my lower lip. I felt some kind of humiliation. I felt weird about this. Maybe he was actually kidnapping me?

We walked a long time. Probably around half an hour. “Luke, do you even know where we are going?” He laughed at me. “Just relax.” He said while laughing. His laugh was actually pretty cute. Just like him. He sat down on the moistured grass and looked at fog that was hovering all over the place. “Luke, what’s going on?” I asked, as I sat down next to him. “I don’t know, Noa.” He was so strange, so different.

I was peeling one straw of grass after the other as I heard Luke talking about the fog, and how weird he thought it was. “You know, Noa. I remind myself of the fog. Like, sometimes I’m just hovering over people, like I protect them. And sometimes I’m not even there; I’m just gone with the wind. And then I suddenly come back to protect the people I love.” He looked deep into my eyes. I could see a little light that lit up inside of his eyes. A little warmth finally filled his body. “Who is Lucas by the way?” He asked, as he tilted his head a little to the left side. “My childhood best friend. That’s Lucas.” I answered. I could feel something cold on my leg. I glanced, and saw that Luke had laid his hand on me. “You’re not bad, Noa, you’re still yourself.” And what does he mean with that?

We just sat on the grass for hours and looked at the fog. We actually were there until the fog blew with the morning breeze. “Thank you for staying here with me, Noa. I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you.” He said, and left me sitting on a field of grass all alone. “I guess so…” I said to myself, as I stood up, and brushed my butt free of grass.

I looked around and saw a pair of swings. I knew those. I knew where I was. I ran over to the set of swings. A big smile popped up on my lips.

“Noa, look!” Lucas said, as he ran over to the swing set. “Be careful Lucas,” my mom yelled, as he jumped on one of the swings. “Noa, come on, help me out a little.” He said, as he looked at me with his pretty blue eyes. I sighed, and smiled.

Lucas and I, we used to spend hours on these swings. I think we’ve always admired the feeling of being able to fly, being able to feel the breeze run through our hair. The swings though, they looked lonely and sad. They probably missed having children to play with them. It’s like getting older. Sometimes you are tired of all the attention, but when it’s all gone, you miss it.

“I didn’t know you still where here,” I heard a voice yell. I looked up, and saw that Luke walking towards me, “and I didn’t quite know that you remembered this old swing set of ours.”


He placed his bottom on the swing next to me. “It’s a beautiful world out there, Noa.” He said, and sent me a cute smile. “Not really, Luke.” I said, and smiled back. “You just have to look at the details. Details mean a whole lot to this world. Just take a look at this old swing set. It has probably been used by so many young people who have had a great time here. That’s a detail. A perfect one, Noa. And you too, Noa, you’re also just a small and beautiful detail who helps complete this beautiful world.“ He said, as my cheeks began to blush. “You always sound so smart. Luke.” I laughed, as I looked at the ground. “And that, I’m not. I’m strange, and almost forgotten.”

He was right about the ‘strange’ thing, but I didn’t really know what he was trying to say with the other one. Luke was one of those boys who was going to be remembered for ages, if he kept saying that every single person on this planet is a small, beautiful detail who helped complete this, compared to Luke, beautiful world. That’s like a compliment you must never forget.

He took his packet of cigarettes up from his jeans and lit one up. “Why do you?” I asked before I got cut off by him. “It’s like the fog, just a fog you make yourself.” He said, while inhaling the cigarette’s smoke. “Strange, strange you are.” I laughed. His smile was cute, just like him. “Luke, I have a question for you.” I said while I was trying to be as serious as possible. “What would you like to know?” He said with a calm voice, while he was holding the burning cigarette between his plumb lips. “How come you be so incredibly sexy and charming one minute, while the other minute you are so…” I stopped, “so strange?” I then sat seconds after. He laughed quietly. “People, Noa, they always have two personalities.” He was right.



Months passed by. Luke and I literally talked every day. He was a sweet boy. “Hi, Luke.” I said as he walked through the door. “Hi, beautiful detail.” He laughed as he kicked of his shoes and hung his jacket on the hook. “Hi Mrs. Thomson.” He said while he was looking around for my mom. “She’s not home.” I said. “Oh,” he said while sounding a bit confused. I sat down in the couch just admiring his tall body standing in the middle of the living room. “What shall we do?” He asked, and looked into my eyes. It was easy to see that his eyes was getting warmer for every day that went by. “I don’t know, Luke, you are the one with the creative mind.” I said. I took a pillow from the couch and rested my head on it. He sat down next to me. “Are you tired?” He asked. He slowly brushed some hair away from my face. “A little.” I answered quietly. “You should go to bed a bit earlier.” He whispered. I nodded.

I fell asleep.

I heard some music playing. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw that Luke was standing next to our speaker. He probably had plugged his phone in it. “God evening, Noa.” He said. The music was so loud. I could feel the vibrations of the bass vibrate in my ear. I sat up and started yawning. I glanced at Luke who already was looking at me with his pretty eyes. He began walking over to the couch. Every single one of his steps had me begging for the next. With a heavy sigh he sat down next to me. His scent ran through my nostrils. He flashed his pretty teeth at me. “You know, Luke,” I laughed as I moved closer to him, “I like you. A whole lot actually.” I said this time looking a lot more serious. He bit his lower lip while he stared into my eyes. I soon felt a cold hand on my cheek. It was Luke’s. I could feel his warm breath against mine. His breath was heavy. Just like mine. As the music banged in our ears I fell in love. This was a perfect moment I want to remember. As he leaned forward I couldn’t stop but think what was going to happened.

He placed his forehead against mine. After a few seconds I felt his soft lips brushing over mine. I felt his lips against mine in a passionate, long kiss. I then placed my hand on his chest and pushed him back in the couch. His lips were still physically connected with mine. His other hand was then placed on my waist. “Noa,” he mumbled as I was trying to get his shirt of his pale body. “Luke, shut up for a second.” I said, while my hand went through his messy hair. He giggled.

His cold skin intertwined perfectly against mine. “Noa, if were gonna have sex, we should probably find something that can protect you from getting babies.” He said. He used his strong arms to keep him from falling on his back. I stepped away from him, and ran up to my room. Where the fuck could that piece of plastic be? I finally found one. I was about to turn around but couldn’t. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. “You’ve got it?” He whispered in my ear with his sexy voice. Goosebumps began to cover my body. I nodded. I then turned around and met his blue eyes. “Shall I put it on myself, or do you want to help?” He asked awkwardly, while a crooked smile popped up on his face. “You do want me to help, don’t you?” I said, as a laugh slipped out of my mouth. “Yes indeed,” he replied.

After some struggle the piece of plastic was finally on his lower part. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked as his eyes stared into mine. “Just as much as you admire the fog, Luke.” I said. He smiled. His hands slipped under my shirt. “You are so awkward, Luke.” I giggled, while I pulled the shirt over my head.

His kisses felt warm on my hot skin. And then it all began.



As his moans filled the room my feelings for him was growing bigger and bigger. Just like the universe. And then he finished. I felt the pressure of him biting his jaw. A smile popped up on his face. “That was strange.” He said, as he pulled out of my body. “You’re strange yourself, so that shouldn’t surprise me.” I said, and covered my sweaty body in the sheets. “Luke,” I said, “I just wanted to say that you are never going to be forgotten.” His view was stuck on my wall. He didn’t say anything. He was all of the sudden very quiet. “I’ve got to go now, Noa.” He said quietly. I sighed as I fell down the mattress. “Yea, you can leave, you always leave.” I said and sounded a bit annoyed. “I’m sorry. I’ll call you, okay?” He said as he stood up on his long, thin legs. “You do that.” I said, and rolled my back to him.

How could he just leave like that? How could he just leave like that every time we hang out?

An hour later I got a message from him. “Meet me at the swing set in an hour.” Oh, now he wants to see me? “Why?” I texted him back. “This is actually very important, Noa. Please don’t be mad at me right now, you can be that later.”And what does he mean by that?

I stood up, and found some clothes to wear. And then I began to walk.



I walked through the grass field and saw Luke sitting alone on the swings. Some kind of anger and nervousness started to fill my body. I sat down next to him. “Hi,” he said awkwardly. “Hi,” I said just as awkwardly as him. “I’ve got to go.” He said. I looked into his teary eyes. “Jesus, Luke,” I sighed, “you can’t just leave when ever you’ve just talked to me.” I said, as I stood up in anger. “I’m deadly serious, Noa,” he said as he dried his eyes with his hand, “I’ve got to go for good. I’m not coming back,” he sobbed, “I’m never coming back.”

I felt like I was going to fall, so I sat down in the grass as I felt several sobs leave my mouth. “But…” He cut me off again. “There’s no ‘buts’, Noa.” He said and sat down right in front of me. He placed his hand on my tear-wet chin. “Look at me,” he asked. I lifted my head and looked into my red eyes. “I will always love you, Noa, and I know that you may not love me like I love you ‘cause I will always be almost forgotten by you.” I shook my head in anger. He would never be forgotten. “Can I please have one last kiss, you beautiful, little detail?” He said while he was tilting his head to the left. I nodded. I felt his lips pressed on mine for a few seconds before he pulled away from me. “Goodbye, Noa.” He said. I sobbed again. He began to walk. The tears from my watery eyes rolled down my cheek as I looked at him walking away from me. “And, Noa?” I heard him yell. “My name is Lucas by the way. I’m your almost forgotten best friend.” 



That was when it all made sense.

Then he left. I never even knew why.

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